Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 to have a bigger battery than the Flip5

Vlad, 30 January 2024

One of the issues people have constantly had with Samsung's Flip line of foldable smartphones is battery life, owing to the rather small cells fitted into all of them - the Galaxy Z Flip5 launched last summer has to make do with just 3,700 mAh, for example.

Samsung seems to have been listening, and will increase the capacity for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip6, expected to become official at the middle of this year. According to a new report, the next Flip will reach 4,000 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

That's still less than Oppo's Find N3 Flip which features a 4,300 mAh battery, but it's closer than ever. And while on paper it's just an 8% or so increase from the Flip5 to the Flip6, Flip owners need every single extra bit of longevity they can get.

Like all foldables, the Flip6's total battery capacity is split between two cells, one for each side. One of those is rated at 1,097 mAh and the other at 2,790 mAh. That's a total of 3,887 mAh rated capacity, which should translate into a 4,000 mAh typical capacity since the vanilla S24 has a rated capacity of 3,880 mAh which is advertised as a typical capacity of 4,000 mAh.

For comparison, note that the Galaxy Z Flip5 has one cell rated at 971 mAh, the other at 2,620 mAh, for a grand total of 3,591 mAh rated capacity - which translates into the aforementioned 3,700 mAh typical capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

According to previous rumors, the Galaxy Z Flip6 will have a 3.9" cover display, up 0.5" from the 3.4" panel fitted to its predecessor. It should also get a 50 MP main camera, up from the 12 MP snapper in the Flip5.

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Reader comments

Trust me it wont. I have a z flip 5 and it sits on my desk the battery and charging speeds are a joke. I use my s24+. Your not factoring in screens size and brightness as well as an outside screen that is now larger. Looks pretty but pointless. Needs...

Unless it has a 4300mah battery and 45 watt charging im out this year. If motos basic razr can sport those specs at $699 before trade offers why would anyone want it. Samsung is resting on brand a bit too much lately and frankly im sick of it. Do som...

  • Anonymous
  • 02 Feb 2024
  • 0Nk

Or maybe have a dynamic refresh rate on the external screen instead of having it locked at 120hz and sucking battery for no reason...

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