Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's price gets cut by $250

Vlad, 01 February 2021

Foldables are the future, or so "they" say, but one specific foldable now has a slightly higher chance of making it into some people's present as well. That's because Samsung has just decided to go with a permanent price cut for its Galaxy Z Flip in the US.

The device launched at $1,449, and can now be had for $1,199. This is not a limited time deal or anything like that, the phone simply has a new price from today going forward.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's price gets cut by $250

Not just that, but if you buy from Samsung's online store, you can apparently get the Z Flip for as low as $199.99 (that's not a typo!), the (rather huge) caveat being you have to trade-in an eligible device. The list of these is small, you can only trade-in another Flip (but why would you) or an original Galaxy Fold to get that whopping $1,000 off. But, there are many other options with lower amounts, if the device you're trading in is from Apple, Samsung, or Google.

If you're interested in making the jump into Foldland with the Galaxy Z Flip, don't miss our in-depth review of the smartphone.


Reader comments

I'm guessing that the Z Flip2 is around the corner?

  • Anonymous

I‘m still not sure why I would want to buy a phone that I have to flip open everytime i want to use it. Most phones are pocketable enough (at least for male clothing). It‘s only the coolness and novelty but that will wear off and then I‘ll ask „why d...

  • AnonD-973296

make it $999, that would be a compelling price for this

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