Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

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Ahmad, 19 Sep 2020Esim not working on z fold 2, in short no dual SIM.

  • Anonymous

Ahmad, 19 Sep 2020Esim not working on z fold 2, in short no dual SIM.Is this dual.sim?

  • Aznee

What is this, how does it fold

  • Nabeen Raj

MikeD, 18 Sep 2020I just got my Zfold2 yesterday and it is truly a remarkable... moreIs it dual sim?

  • Ahmad

Esim not working on z fold 2, in short no dual SIM.

  • Anonymous

FreezeGame, 17 Sep 2020Ikr! Samsung truly values its customers! -$50.00 - Preor... moreholy moly

  • MikeD

I just got my Zfold2 yesterday and it is truly a remarkable device. The front screen is about the size of an Iphone 5. I do most things on the front and love the option to supersize the display. The build quality and performance is quite amazing and even though it's heavy, it fits into my pocket much better than the Note 10 plus. I absolutely LOVE the new finger print sensor. As Tim Cook continues to drop the ball (ex: Blackberry) Samsung continues to innovate. Sure, $2000 is expensive however there is nothing I interact with more than my phone. It runs my personal life and my business. It is the one device I can never do without and it is with me 24/7. I cant put a price on that. Kudos Samsung

yeah I said it, 16 Sep 2020Wow!!!! Now that's a DealIkr! Samsung truly values its customers!

-$50.00 - Preorder discount for accessories.

-$150.00 - Accessories credit given to me for purchasing the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G last month.

-$349.98 - Is from a bundle discount through Samsung which offers the Galaxy Watch3 + Galaxy Buds Live as a package deal for $250. The actual prices are $429.99 for the watch and $169.99 for the the buds, totaling $599.98. Subtract the $250 bundle price from that, and you get the $349.98 discount.

-$107.90 - This is the cost of the Spotify Premium 6 Month and YouTube Premium 4 month duration. No actual discount to the devices, but I suppose it has to be listed for the sake of itemizing.

-$5.00 - Not sure about this one. I didn't do anything specific to get this discount. I suspect that it should be part of the referral discount below as I remember it being more at one point.

-$140.59 - This is from selecting Education Discount from the top left options after clicking pre-order for the Fold2. Once selected, it applies the discount according to your purchase.

-$90.00 - For trading in an old Galaxy S8+ that I wasn't using. Good condition offer is $100. The one I have has cracked front & back glass, so the appraisal knocked off ten bucks.

-$95.50 - I just Googled for Samsung discounts and found a random referral code which claimed 50% off. Turns out it was more like 5%. I'll take it.

Samsung's checkout numbers are a little weird initially. In my experience, it recalculates and then charges the correct amount. For example, the total amount charged to my checking account ended up being $1,820.82 as opposed to $1,831.63 from the screenshot. I'm definitely not complaining over a lower price, though.

I was going to cancel my order as a better opportunity to get the Fold2 from Best Buy presented itself. As I clicked "Cancel", Samsung sweetened the deal with an additional 10% off, not exceed $100. I accepted, of course.

Confirmation email reads as follows:

"Hi valued customer,

We want to ensure you get a great value on your purchase. To thank you for not cancelling your order, you will be credited an additional 10% refund (maximum amount up to $100) on your purchase when it is shipped.

Thank you!
Your friends at"

When it's all said and done, total will be $1,720.82. For what I'm getting, I'll take that deal any day of the week.

FreezeGame, 15 Sep 2020After many discounts and a one hundred dollar refund from S... moreWow!!!! Now that's a Deal

After many discounts and a one hundred dollar refund from Samsung, I managed to purchase the following three devices for what I consider to be a very reasonable price. 😉

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G - Mystic Black
Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (45MM) - Mystic Black
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live - Mystic Black
Total: $1,731.63

  • seeking

nope we want for 2000$ this
11" -3840 × 2160 pixels
Camera 108MP
snapdragon 885
Unfolded 158 x 150 x 7.7mm
Folded 158 x 75 x 16mm
180Hz refresh rate
Second camera 48MP
Third camera 32MP
Video 8K@60fps 4Kֲֲֲֲֲֲ@90fps 1080p@160fps,
Fast charging 100W

  • Mr no one

2000 € for this phonee too much samsung so you can see that there is no covid 19 in this world if they can launch a phone in this pandemic then everything is drama.

  • Anonymous

George , 06 Sep 2020your are not correct . Let me explain to you each screen is... moreJust to clarify that 7.6 inch is the total screen estate when the screen is unfolded.
In addition, when you have the phone open the cover screen is not working and similarly, when the phone is folded and you work on the 6.2 inch cover screen, the 7.6 inch screen inside is black. All in all, the 4,500 battery is supplying energy to a maximum 7.6 inch screen...

  • George

robdevil XI, 04 Sep 2020What are you talking about? This is one screen 7.6" no... moreyour are not correct . Let me explain to you each screen is 7.6 correct like this every one screen need 4500.mAh now have 2 screen open like book like this you need battery 9000 mAh samsung lighting about customers is give you phone in 1700 $ and don't give you something correct have be this phone battery not down from 8000 mAh and with all this is still make exynos chipset

Note20Ultra.user, 01 Sep 2020This is one hell of a phone for the people who want somethi... moreTrue. My fold was always something different and eye catching. Now I'm using Z Flip but I think it's time to go back to Fold.

Angel, 02 Sep 2020see this company laughing about customer like is fool ( sam... moreWhat are you talking about? This is one screen 7.6" not 15.2" Have you ever seen laptop size phone?

  • isbilly

Is this official? No CDMA at all in the unlocked version?

The Note 20 Ultra 5G has like every band ever, surely this is an incomplete list of bands?

  • Anonymous

Rk , 30 Aug 2020disappointed, first it should be dual sim with card slot a... morethis guy is gonna explode when he sees how bad the new razr is if he thinks the specs of fold5g are bad lol

  • Boo

Looks promising. But not worth upgrading from the original fold. Need to come up with a stylus, dust and water resistance and get sleeker,less heavier.

  • ANDY

very expensive in UK...