Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

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  • 0eH
  • 11 Sep 2022

MAOPX, 04 Jun 2022Dont buy - stick to any non-foldable phones Fell, internal... moreThis same thing happened to me. When my phone fell the internal screen turned black on upper left quarter of phone. Now the mobile data doesn't work either. It should really be able to last falling and it should be waterproof as well. Asurion charges around $700 to fix . What a waste as I only had it for 6 months. I guess I'm going back to iphone. Their phones aren't as good but at least they will last a fall or two.

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    • Sourya
    • Fvc
    • 16 Jul 2022

    Great Phone, I have been using it for the last 1 year, it sinks in water as well but it was intact.
    Everything is very good except battery life. It could be better. Should be kept carefully.

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      • Anonymous
      • Nu6
      • 16 Jun 2022

      MAOPX, 04 Jun 2022Dont buy - stick to any non-foldable phones Fell, internal... moreBest advice. A mid range phone and a good tablet for the same amount.

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        • MAOPX
        • Hx9
        • 04 Jun 2022

        Dont buy - stick to any non-foldable phones
        Fell, internal screen broken and very expensive to fix (700$+)
        The joint does not open fully after some use, meaning you cannot open fully it would be a bit bent.
        Dust can get inside the joints easily so you need to be very careful where you take and place your phone

        Over all its an amazing device, not worth the price though and not very practical due to how sensitive and heavy it is. few falls and it can be easily broken. Repairing this is extremely expensive.

        If you want a big phone, just buy a god mid-range phone + one tablet

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          • Anonymous
          • Nug
          • 12 Apr 2022

          Great phone my friend has one and it's really good buy I still think ipad pro is and my friend tested the speed of both devices and my iPad pro of 6gb ram was faster than his Z2 of 12gb ram

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            • Anonymous
            • StU
            • 21 Feb 2022

            Jiro, 21 Feb 2022only complaint I have with this phone is many apps are not ... moreI've not found any issues yet, if i start a game on front screen then open fold it is cut off. Otherwise every app and game shows full screen.

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              • Jiro
              • I@H
              • 21 Feb 2022

              Anonymous, 20 Feb 2022Just bought this phone cheap second hand but in mint condit... moreonly complaint I have with this phone is many apps are not optimized for front screen. games are cut even in full screen. Overall still good in 2022.

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                • Anonymous
                • am6
                • 20 Feb 2022

                Just bought this phone cheap second hand but in mint condition, wow amazing phone not found one negative thing about it yet. Those that say battery life is rubbish well its definatly not. Picture quality and sound are amazing love this phone i will now sell my s21 ultra.

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                  • M arif
                  • sUv
                  • 17 Feb 2022

                  What we spend extra money on low feature phones Here is a best comparison of find n & galaxy z fold2


                    Samsung Note 10+ and Samsung Fold 2 both running security updates dating November 1.
                    Tomorrow, both phones are effectively on ‘quarterly updates’.
                    Given they should both be ‘present lifecycle parts’, and on ‘monthly updates’ (quarterly updates is what Samsung gives to phones that are generally three years old+ that it is trying to deprecate from the market) I feel quite let down as a consumer, who in ‘good faith’ expects the MINIMAL PROMISES to be honoured.

                    (I understand that bastardising the bluetooth stack to not support ‘better codecs’ than Samsung CODEC is anticonsumer by choice, and that ‘typically’, not giving frequent security updates (to out of present cycle phones) is ‘anticonsumer’ also by decision..

                    But when the actions are so obvious and so consistent, as a person who gives purchasing advice professionally, I find no reason to encourage users to buy Samsung products (irrelevant to the ‘value’ or technology given).
                    Anticonsumer moves for ‘short term’ sales success isn’t the ‘profit path’ that the ‘big dogs’ should be following.
                    I actively move away from companies that force me to ‘vote with my wallet’; it is ‘the least I can do’.
                    Based on having the last seven of my Samsung flagships deprecated in feature and performance (massively) simply through forced updates (and often going large time periods without updates as that ALSO forces users along…) the tactics are simply TOO MUCH.

                    Quarterly updates on $5k (australian) phone investment in the present ‘monthly’ advertised update cycle.

                    Lies…. (damned lies…)
                    Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware)

                      Drinkwater , 04 Jan 2022We live in America first of all stop talking about phones t... moreThe fact that a phone isn't locked to AT&T or Verizon doesn't mean it won't work on those networks. Also this is the internet, not America. We don't all live in the states.
                      Drink some water and grow a brain.

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                        • Drinkwater
                        • ILY
                        • 04 Jan 2022

                        RealUser, 18 Jun 2021That outside screen displays more content and information t... moreWe live in America first of all stop talking about phones that won't are not compatible out the box for services like Verizon, AT&T etc.....the mi fold is not sold in America so all of these reviews are pointless I mean I know it's the internet but stop bringing up phones that America has no access too it's kinda stupid and pointless

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                          • Alus
                          • fnF
                          • 04 Oct 2021

                          samjackson, 08 Jun 2021Well done.. ios is behind android of 2 years .. and the z f... moreYou must be coming from the old testamen

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                            • Anonymous
                            • uM6
                            • 17 Sep 2021

                            I purchased this z 2fold with the hope to serve it as my primary but I am completely let down.
                            1. Useless battery life
                            2. A namesake camera
                            3. Bulky
                            Thanks for wasting my money. Realme 7pro is 100times better than this phone.

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                              • SodaandSneakers
                              • pKy
                              • 16 Sep 2021

                              I have had the Fold2 since it's release last year and I love it. Had no issues. Battery life is good, can stream football (soccer games) in full and only use like 10-15% of battery life.
                              The only issue I have is when unfolded the screen protector got slightly scratched so it sticks out, so plan to use the screen replacement service to get it done (as it is just over £100 or so in the first year). I will upgrade to Fold4 next year.

                                I have been putting posts on the Fold3 thread, believing that is where present users considering these phones will generally gravitate.

                                I cannot confirm how others’ use their phones, but regarding battery times, just the amount of white on the screen can make a HUGE difference. (with OLEDs I always choose DARK themes and black(er) backgrounds ;-)

                                120hz makes a massive difference, especially if tablet operation is rotated and used in landscape mode. (due to the way screens refresh)
                                as a high refresh rate screen user (240hz in the 1990s), when I had a Nokia phone with 75hz it was a game changer. still love interacting with that screen.
                                I dont care if the front (/outer) screen on the Fold is normal refresh rates, but the large ‘consumption’ screen is excellent, and I wouldn’t dare take it off ‘adaptive’ refresh rate mode.

                                Battery life between Fold2 and Fold3 will vary greatly in identical use scenarios for some users- the Fold2 has vastly better cell reception/antenna design, vs the Fold3 having noticably improved (lowered) wifi power drain/use.

                                Depending if you have your phone gettings data from the cell tower OR the local wifi, battery use will,vary between the Fold2 and Fold3 (all other things being equal).

                                users quoting less than six hours runtime, I can only guess, must have screen at full brightness, and pushing constant data, AND have poor reception to the tower.
                                I’d probably disable 5g(or 4g if not using 5g) to see if it is cell reception causing drain, and I’d set the screen brightness to equal brightness as looking at a piece of paper appears...
                                (and set dark themes/avoid white screens where possible).

                                perhaps they use fast wireless charging (/fast charging in general) (which I find NEVER gives similar runtimes as properly charging the phone),.. or maybe they havent disable the fourty features that phones like to offer as ‘advanced user benefits’.

                                If I want my phone to keep the screen on whilst I am looking at it- requires infra red beaming over my face surface, + requires a camera to be on, +requires a processor core to interpret whether it sees a face and whether the eyes are facing to the screen....
                                I COULD HAVE MY PHONE CHEW BATTERY POWER TO FIGURE OUT WHETHER TO LEAVE SCREEN 0N, or I could just press the power button to turn off the screen when I am done with it.
                                I give that as an easy example, as HOW WE CONFIGURE these devices will greatly vary the battery useage.
                                to continue on with that example- I set my phone to turn off the screen if I double tap the screen. The inverse feature (double tap screen to turn on the screen) I switch off as I don’t need to run the digitiser (capacitive input layer) all day on the off chance I wish to check for notifications.
                                always on screen (with set hours) might prove useful to some (for notifications), rather than leaving phone in a constant state of wondering (/listening) for the users input.
                                on that theme I also turn off the settings that check if phone is in a dark place (again, uses camera sensor/light sensors), as I am happy using a power button.
                                other optional settings (that drain power) can include pick up detection (flipping phone to silence), waving hand across screen to capture an image (camera),.. and basic stuff like not checking for emails every five minutes (maybe not practical for some business users).

                                I found around twenty plus ‘battery drain’ settings that are on by default.
                                i use 120hz screen mode at full resolution (lower res modes save power), with natural colour rendition and ‘the right’ screen brightness.
                                sometimes hooking your phone to wifi will lower power usage (if in poor reception zones and having to push/pull data from the towers).
                                obviously Your Mileage May Vary, and some may wish to debate whether the Fold has enough power for daily usage and typical use scenarios.
                                Power users know who they are, and have many ways to preempt any potential issues.

                                for majority of use cases, the Fold (series) should meet the majorities’ needs.
                                Outside of first two days use of a newly setup phone, I find the phone rarely runs warm, and always gives 1-1.5 days useage (realworld)

                                  Jackieofalltrades222, 11 Aug 2021I would say for the most part I like this phone. The batter... moreYou'll be surprised the drain will be worse on the 3. I have the 2 and for the drain issue and the small inner screen, I got the Mi Mix Fold.
                                  My Z fold 2 isn't my primary or even secondary phone anymore. From the "unpacking" and details of the 3, most of the "improvement" are more of software tweaks and gimmicky - which would lead to more battery drain.
                                  Unfortunately most people who "review" or comments on this phone don't actually have it and have not even tried the Mi Mix Fold to see how it beats the Samsung offerings in every practical daily use.
                                  I have multiple emails on my Spark App. I update my SimDif sites like twice daily and have LinkedIn always in the background. The Z fold 2 doesn't last half a day, even with the inner screen used minimally.

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                                    • Jackieofalltrades222
                                    • IJM
                                    • 11 Aug 2021

                                    I would say for the most part I like this phone. The battery life sucks. I must have a charger on me at all times. Streaming is not compatible with this phone. Watching tik tok or any movie app will drain the battery. I get maybe 3hrs max battery life when using my phone. 6 maybe when phone is sitting and not functioning. That is absurd for a $2000 phone. So Best Buy has them for $1400 but then almost $300 for taxes and to insure the phone, cost me $2010 total. The roaming on the phone is awful too. I have to reset network any time I leave the state to get the phone to update the relocation point. The sound quality is not the greatest. I already returned a phone thinking that I got a bad one because people have a hard time hearing me and the sound quality from my end is not loud. I can not have my device sitting while driving on speaker phone unless I pick it up and hold it by my shoulder. The sound and the battery life, I hope are fixed on the 3.

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                                      • jst
                                      • 10 Aug 2021

                                      Phone Genius, 30 Jul 2021Just bought one for $800, excellent device for the pricewhere did you get it at that price?

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                                        • Mohamed.Kabesh
                                        • 6sE
                                        • 02 Aug 2021

                                        Although Fold 2 has some excellent features, it is costly; in addition, it has some fatal industrial defects that Samsung should quickly fix.

                                        The most common issues are; short-life battery, problems with charging the mobile, the battery always becomes very hot that always cause the mobile to power off.

                                        Although Samsung policy allows the customer to refund or replace the faulty product within the first days of buying, unfortunately, in reality, Samsung will refuse to replace or refund, which happened to me.

                                        Overall, Fold 2 is not recommended; maybe Samsung will fix these issues in their coming Fold 3 version.