Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 Indian prices leak

Vlad, 03 August 2021

After Korean prices and European prices, today's the day when we find out how much the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 are going to cost in India.

Of course the info is unofficial, as we're still about a week away from Samsung's unveiling event, but a tipster who was reliable with pricing details in the past has stepped up and revealed how much you should expect the new foldables to go for in India.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip 3 Indian prices leak

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is apparently going to be priced at around INR 1,35,000 ($1,818 or €1,533 at the current exchange rates), although its recommended sales price will be INR 1,49,990 ($2,020 or €1,703). The Galaxy Z Flip3, on the other hand, will allegedly retail for between INR 80,000 ($1,077 or €908) and INR 90,000 ($1,212 or €1,021).

While the Flip's prices are pretty much in line with what we've heard for other markets, the Fold seemingly will be a tad cheaper in the subcontinent than in other places, but not by a lot. The Flip3 has the potential to launch as the cheapest foldable smartphone to date, which is an exciting feat for it to accomplish.



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I would do the same to you, but wait ... I can't, and I have no crush I think your feelings interfere with your opinion, but how can you tell me where I'm wrong? Since Samsung has been losing a lot of ground and ironic that it says "yo...

  • Anonymous

looking at all your previous comments it seems you have some sort of secret crush on chinese companies.... hopefully you see the reality and get past their superficial marketing and hype

No matter how big it is when you have competition from all sides, now everyone who wants a folding goes for Samsung, but when OPPO, Google, Xiaomi launch theirs, you can be sure that many will go for them. And the ironic thing is that it is Sams...

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