Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra has been put on hold, rumor claims

Vlad, 09 July 2024

Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy Z Fold6 tomorrow, at its grand Unpacked event in Paris. For a while, a Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra (or Z Fold6 Slim) has also been rumored, supposedly arriving with a thinner body (as the second rumored name implies).

Today a new rumor claims the Fold6 Ultra project is on hold indefinitely. Aside from the thinner build, the Ultra would also come with larger screens than the Fold6.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 leaked image Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 leaked image

This doesn't mean the Ultra will never see the light of day, just that right now Samsung doesn't have a launch planned for it at all - that is, of course, if this rumor is accurate.

Honor (with the Magic V3) and Xiaomi (with the Mix Fold 4) will battle it out this month for the title of world's thinnest foldable smartphone, a title that has so far been held by the Honor Magic V2 since last year.

Samsung has no horse in this game, and the Ultra could have been its way into the thin foldable genre. But perhaps it just wasn't thin enough and that's why it was put on hold? We might never know.

One thing's clear - if you're looking for hardware innovation in the foldable space, it's all coming from Chinese manufacturers, not Samsung. For years, Samsung enjoyed a comfortable lead in foldable market share, but this has recently taken a nose dive, so perhaps some action is actually needed on its part? The Galaxy Z Fold6, with its minor updates here and there, is definitely not it.

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Reader comments

  • Bear
  • 11 Jul 2024
  • 33I

Samsung please bring a s25 ultra fold with 10000 battery, I prefer this than a slim with a smaller battery and rubbish cameras and 2btb of space because it will be a big boy

  • Core
  • 10 Jul 2024
  • mD0

It is and it isn't. Especially the Fold5 (and likely Fold6 even if less of a problem) still has such a small cover screen that you dont necessarily want to use it much if you can avoid. As great as the big screen real estate is, I often fel...

  • Fady
  • 10 Jul 2024
  • N6B

Nobody cares about how thin a foldable is. The kind of people that buus foldable does not care about that. People have been asking for a normal big outer screen, not a thinner device

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