Samsung Google Nexus 10 P8110

Samsung Google Nexus 10 P8110

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  • Blivit

Have had mine four years. Does have the yellowing screen but only when viewed at an angle. Viewed straight on it's nice and white. Replaced the battery last year and no problems since. Screen specs still better than most new 10 inch tablets. Overall excellent tablet.

  • AnonD-719481

Screen will turn a very dingy yellow after a year or two. It is not burn-in but the aging glue used between the screen and digitizer. Very disappointing as Google and Samsung will do nothing since it is out of warranty. Many hundreds have complained about it to no avail.

  • Anonymous

Rose3us, 23 Sep 2017I have had 4 of these had to send them all back! Either the batt... moreturn off app notifications

  • Rose3us

I have had 4 of these had to send them all back! Either the battery won't stay charge or it keep going to notifieing apps over and over won't stop or one done that and then just shut off wouldn't power on again never get to use them at all what would be the best battery and the cheapest to put in it? Have one now battery last about 1/2 hours dead again ! Need to keep this one and have a battery put in it maybe??

  • AnonD-681637

AnonD-680891, 29 Jun 2017I bought mine in december of 2013, in Melbourne! It works fine s... moreYeah it's safe I'm running it right now. check xda forums for info on how to.

  • AnonD-680891

I bought mine in december of 2013, in Melbourne! It works fine so far. Today (end of June 2017), decide to put a new compatible battery, and it is very durable! I still believe it is the best tablet ever, despite the not so good memory (16gb). Is it risky to try flash it with Android 6.01 ROM?

  • AnonD-677508

I lost my charger usb so bought one from amazon (actually a pack of 5 of various lengths).
I bought one that doesn't fit despite the ad saying the "Type-C connector - Backwards compatible with older USB versions". I was under the impression the big one was USB3 (goes into charger) and the smaller one USB Type C into the device. I thought the original connecter was type B but as the new one was backwards compatible it would be fine. Help!

  • Anonymous

Tim, 03 Jan 2017It's a mini hdmiMicro HDMI actually

  • Tim

Loiis, 19 Dec 2016Really good, short battery life but brilliant for day-to-day use... moreIt's a mini hdmi

  • Loiis

Really good, short battery life but brilliant for day-to-day use - can anyone tell me what the port opersite side to the usb is?

  • Yoy

The battery usage life is short. Keeps charging.

  • emteeskull

I still use this one. I love it. If you want 6.0.1 you can with custom ROM just go here:

  • AnonD-536693

I've had mine since 2013, still running strong. Had an issue with charging early on, sent it to samsung after contacting google, came back good as new.

  • fresh

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2016It won't have android 6.0 marshmallow. 😥&a... moreno official update, but there is a flashable lean android file(with some minor bugs) where you have to flash google apps (gapps). Also better battery life for mine(about 10%)

  • Anonymous

M.R.Serag, 10 Oct 2015Will The Nexus 10 Have The Android 6.0 Marshmallow ?? Cause It's... moreIt won't have android 6.0 marshmallow. 😥😥😥&#128­549;. 😈😈😈&#128­520;

  • NOLA

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2015Use Pogo Cable for nexus 10, you can buy online from magnector.c... moreNo longer available. I bought two and they both fell apart.

  • Pedro

Bought my Nexus 10 in Switzerland less than 2 years ago. I moved to Portugal in November and 2 weeks ago the Nexus died. Sought the support of Samsung, they replied that it is a Google product and their are responsible for the warranty. Called Google support Portugal that told me to go to the store were I bought it (?!?!), that is in Switzerland.
Solution: Buy a new Tablet, because claiming the warranty is, in my case, impossible!
Thanks Google for the non existing customer support!

  • MyKrantz

2 more minutes and I'm out here

  • dave

gh00p, 12 Oct 2015M.R.Serag, the Nexus 10 probably will not get an Android 6.0 (Ma... moreContact Samsung, they will direct you to a parts supplier.
Most likely
cost for the battery is 107

Because this tablet was extremely expensive when it firstly appeared and because there was no 10inch succesor, most of the Ppl that actually owned, me among them, was late 13-early 14. At most of the countries, it onky appeared early 13, so the tablet still hold a relatively high price and its high price was justified from the fact that it was a nexus, it will have faster and quaranteed software upgrades. Well last year in my country, my G3 got android 5 only a few weeks after nexus 10...
But I was expecting nexus 10 to last longer, because it had relatively high standby battery drain, it would really benefit from Android 6 its specs are very capable of handling too.
It was really unfair for Google to already drop the support for the equivalent of iPad 2
Imo, this is a hit on their liability and will comsider it every time i am going to consider a nexus device again...
For example, buying nexus 9 this year, means it will only be supported up, one more year, after all, it only has 2gb ram, like nexus 10 had and Google will have an excuse to drop it rather sooner than later...
These things is what makes or brakes a company...