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  • Anonymous

Buy without a doubt if all you need is a great phone for calling

  • giftwell

please tell me how much contacts i can save in this phone ???

  • Vini

I am writing this because first of all I have searched for a good review about all round spec of the phone but didn't find. Hence may be this one will help you. Its a best VFM phone with light weight and dual Sim standby support. Means you can receive a call on either Sim. For outgoing call you have to choose the Sim with you have to make a call. Different wallpaper and ringtone is available to differentiate between calls. Also they have included one feature that if you are busy with one Sim and incoming call coming to second Sim which also diverted to first which you are already engaged with call hence you can switch to that call if required. Its a very good product and a must buy if you have two Sim cards and already owned a single Sim smartphone.

  • jdiud

tahats good phone

  • MaAn SiNgH yAdAv

this is revolutionary product

  • Anonymous

Can anyone say where are ringtone present

  • Jihan

I like this phone.

  • AKS

1.very loud ringtones.
2.very loud and clear earpiece volume.
3.good microphone.


Hi can anyone tell how to set the date automatically with network coverage instead of manual setting???

  • Kiran

Hi can anyone tell how to set the date automatically with network coverage instead of manual setting???

  • AJAY K

Has it vibrating feature on call ?

  • gio

tx messaging, is it in threaded view?

  • Satya bhai

Any one can tell me that can i read or send the sms during call.

  • Anonymous

I am looking for a cheap Samsung flip phone I had a t159 but lost it looking for another. The LG flip phone for 29.95 that the stores sell for sangung for pay as you go is a piece of shit that does not work It works in the cell phone stores but get it within a half mile of the store and it goes to search and can not use it make or receive calls on it I made 7 trips to the mall that is a mile and a half from my house because of it. spent from to 730pm trying to get it to work and a bunch of calls to Tmobile trying to get it to work

  • sk baba

my phone atomatic restart when i call it please help me.

  • AnonD-533668

nice phone,small in size,comfortable to carry, nice dual sim option.
Good voice quality

  • Raj Pintu

Really Good Phone And Betary Backup.

  • harshu

its to good their is no problem found upto date

  • MB

Really bad sound, hardly can hear the other side.

Please avoid...

  • AnonD-465540

saddat, 18 Feb 2016has it torch??yes