Samsung has sorted out Z2's availability issues in Indonesia

Himanshu, 03 October 2016

Although Samsung's latest Tizen-powered Z2 smartphone was officially launched in Indonesia over a week ago, those interested in purchasing it have been complaining that the phone wasn't available in the local market.

Well, the good news is that Samsung Indonesia has taken note of the situation and confirmed this past weekend that the handset will be available from the company's official retail partners starting October 1.

In addition, the company has also confirmed that the Z2 supports all 4G LTE network in the country. And while those on Telkomsel will get the carrier billing option for purchases made from the Tizen store, others will have to use their credit cards for now.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I live in Indonesia but I didn't know this was launched here recently.. :|

  • AnonD-319133

Its already available in Indonesia at :)

  • deep

When ll come imo viber like software in tizen store

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