Samsung i300

Samsung i300

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  • worm

great phone!!!!
but how is the price????
sure expensive!!

  • GanJi

Specs look awesome.
The handsfree would be stereo too, I assume. Right?
Also, any ETA on when it will start to sell and price?

  • unknown

thers only one thiing missing that would make this fone the best in the world....FM RAdio, but then again, with the huge doesnt really matter so i guess it is the best fone iv seen os far...but is it coming always show new models and never bring them out!

  • fone dude

240x320 screen, 3gig memory, dual speakers..
i'm in love! too bad it's going to cost a million dollars though.

  • eug

W800 RIP

  • Anonymous

has samsung gone crazy? so many great phone at one go?! dont they afraid that they'll spoil their own market?

  • Typoon

You can see the all of SAMSUNG's CeBIT New Products at

  • JeremY

Arguing about memory is futile, especially if Samsung want this model to compete with the SE W800 / K750 .... where is the radio capability?? Otherwise the 3GB HD is an excellent idea. Wonder how it will effect battery lifetime though ..... duh just bought D500E and samsung go an an issuing spree ...

  • me

3gb microdrive? why the hell would they need a transflash slot when 512mb aint even out yet? no one shud complain about expainsion with 3gb!!! ok design tho

  • jackson

datz very cool mobile wid excellent feature.
3GB, microsoft mobile, 1.3 mpixel, bluetooth, IR, TFT 256K.
gd mobile eva.........
but da mobile not very gd lokin but itz ok!