Samsung i310

Samsung i310

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  • Anonymous

I really love this phone because it is very robust.I,am looking forward to a more newer and versatile version.Please where can i get a genuine battery to buy.Iam waiting for the newer version of this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2007the phone sounds sickkk. but does it have wifi to surf the ... moreI really love that phone because it is very robust.i would love to see a newer version and more versatile type.I want to know where i can get genuine batteries for this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2007the phone sounds sickkk. but does it have wifi to surf the ... moreyea the screen can be bigger

  • blondu

i got this phone to and to install games on him you must have both files jar and jad,you can find programs on internet to help u make a jad file if you only have the jar file.I have a question to:Where i can order a usb cable for this phone?i search on the internet and i did not found anything for this phone.

  • Dani

im back again after 1 Year..and this phone is still way ahead of its time.

N95 8GB and W960i have a competitor from the Good Old days.

  • why?

yeah samsung fone are SUPERB during this time wonder what happen to them 8gb?? 2006 and another was 5megpix cam fone what the sooooooo much better compare to nokia and SE wonder what happen.

  • Riki

Hello! I have 2 questions. I've got this mobile i really like it but i dont knowhow can i install games for this mobile.I send jar files to my phone but when is open it,it say "There is no application accosiated with -game name-.Run the application first and then open this file inside the application."What i have to do? and the second: can you say to me useful programs for this mobile?Thx,Riki

  • Dani

Samsung already made a 8GB phone this early !!!!!!

Nokia and SE are making phones with 8GB Built in now in 2007

Samsung are Legends

  • Anonymous

amazing phone but i cant find it on o2 and dial a phone

  • Anonymous

can you play movies cuz i want to see movies on the move but mp4s are expensive and if you get cheap ones, they only hold like one movie!!

  • Anonymous

the phone sounds sickkk. but does it have wifi to surf the net? if any of u guys know can u email me at .

  • Slash

can you tell me if there are headphones included in the pack. I mean stereo headphones 10x

  • Iran

Small screen and big body!good camera and's good.

  • Shahriar

I had i300 and now i have D900.D900 is not as smart as i300 but it is smart.but i300 has a very bad battery.both batery use for one complet busy day!i don't know about i310.please tel me about battery and camera of i300 and blutooth version and speed of blutooth because the speed of i300 was bad.and also i300 has not many program on it from begining.i love samsung.

  • Mohammad

excellento phone man no problem with that nice than nokia N70

  • Slash

wonderful phone 8gb very good and also Windows Mobile5 amd 64mb memory the screen is 65k but it has a perfect resolution which makes it look perfect i think this is well designed and fast "thinking" phone you know some smartphones don`t "think" fast at all.the only bad thing about it is that i cant find it in Bulgaria :(

  • slash

ttis pone is aviable to play everything that windows media player can

  • Aashish Jogani

Can this phone play .mpg and .wmv videos? Email is enclosed and any help would be highly appreciated!

  • James

Its pretty phone. 8g-bytes=woww...but what about the screen??? is it 65k colors????

  • Masoud

Display is afew weak (Type TFT, 65K colors )
If the display = 256K colors or more >> i310=Best smartphone