Samsung i450

Samsung i450

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The GUI on this phone is very similar to that of Nokia (particularly the N-series) phones

Finally, I have found this phone, after years of looking. I think it's pretty interesting.

  • nubu

nice phone

  • Anonymous


  • Achiva

This phone suprise me alot but there is one problem i have with these phone, according the above features of the phone, they say that the phone has 40mb internal memory but the highest is 25mb

  • Malik

Khadam, 17 Nov 2008Ager kisi ne i450 samsung sale karna ha . Pls call me.0301841583... moreYes

  • Achiva

The battery does not last

  • AnonD-126834

soul_furicraul@yahoo, 22 Jan 2013how do u use whatsapp on dis fone??????go to and download for S40 before u download make sure u have free memory space on ur phone cos i deleted all my downloads before i was able to install it

  • AnonD-126834

when u hav problem with sending messages go to message settings.enter or select the message center number of your service provider.i have been using this phone for three years now and it was not new when i bought it when u need a phone that can last go for this phone

  • tabiri

AnonD-30728, 17 Nov 2011i cant send sms :/ i was having the same problem go to message settings and select or enter the message center number of your server

  • moin

mine is still working

  • pagi

phone is running whats app

  • Anonymous

i want rotate the screen

  • soul_furicraul@yahoo

how do u use whatsapp on dis fone??????

  • Anonymous

hi.i have been using this phone for some years now.infact i like it a has everything i want.the problem is the housing is bad.i have been searching 4 a new one but cant get.does it have spare housing at all?can someone in GHANA

  • xino

hello, im from mexico and i have this device unlockd and i have an issue

when i insert a microsd, the device doesnt read files on microsd, its says the usage but also says music 0kb, pictures 0kb etc, etc,

can you help me please??

sorry for my english :S

  • Anonymous

Hallo am Ben i have been using these phone and it is quite flexible..but later i had a problem where i changed it vibe cable, immediately it lost it actual colour and now lights with more brightness...need some assistance please

  • Mani

hi boss this mobile used since 3yrs this model have no spares especially no panels in the market.

  • Lucky

Hello dear friends.I am Laxman. I using this mobile since 3 years. But no problems faced. It is very decent and cute mobile. If any hanging problem *#7370# press and restore code 00000000 (8 zeros) total restarting phone.but phone all data was loss. So take care friends.

  • lucky

chootu, 10 Jul 2011hi! This phone supoort grand thief games. Inform me plsHello boss i am Laxman. This is supports grand theft games. Go to website. After select non.touch screen mobiles. Brand name samsung select. And select i character select i450 model. Go to apps. Grand theft vice city download and install. Enjoy. All the best.