Samsung i505

Samsung i505

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  • averhielle

looks like sony clié

  • Harish Dholwani

I am having Samsung I505. i want to know how to add ringtune's and how to play mp3 song in this device

  • Sam

When will this phone be available?? I have been waiting so long for this to come to the U.S. I have the phone just like this one but it doesn't have a palm inside. its the old school version. I cant wait for this phone to be released to the U.S. I also need to know does anyone know if Sprint will carry this phone??

  • Elias

I like this phone . Unfortunatelly I dont know when it is going to be available in Greece . Please notify me. Thanks

  • Mike

When is Samsung going to get their act in gear and launch this phone in the US... I've been waiting for over a year. BLAH!

  • dare

well samsung is one of the best product pls try and make phones that are portable and very cheap for we students

  • disha

its a gr8 phone

  • henry

i will like you to send me the good one out of them and the amount of each one of them,and where i can pay the money to and where i can get them.I need A500 and i will like to see it.

  • Anonymous

What the hell is that guy 2 posts below's problem? Does he get some kind of sexual gratification from the fact the phone has a Motorola processor? I mean why would Samsung go to the expense of developing their own processor when they could just get one off the shelf that would do the job? Look up "Economics" fool!

  • Anonymous

wat in the blue hell is wrong with u ? (to the person below this msg)

  • Anonymous

east or west "motorola is the best"
motorola rules mad it is the best in the world!!
thats why this samsung i505 uses a
200 mhz motorola mx1 processor!

good phone !! motorola inside !!!
motorola inside !!!
motorola inside !!!
motorola inside !!!
motorola inside !!!
the fantastic samsung phones insside is motorola!! its a shame!!!!!!!

even the samsung i500 is motorola inside !!!motorola inside !!!

  • Noah

sounds great but when will it be in avaliable?????

  • ?

pls tell me e715,moto v80,sam i505 or nec n910? anyone got opinions? pls and thankyou!

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me tat, dis fone has photo phonebook pls???? pls???

  • Anonymous

hav mp3???

  • Binho

Este é o melhor, só falta ser lançado.




very nıce

  • Ultra Intelligent

Oh yeah! This phone ROCKS big time because it's, like, rockable beyond rockability! So rock on, Samsung, and keep churning these rocky phones! And that's all I have to say about this.

  • Melman

Looks good but the fact still remains that samsung still doesnt invest enough resources in MP3 facilities in a phone.....
Wat will the ppl say

  • Chemical

96hrs stand by, 2.5h active????? Should bring 10 batts with me when i go out, or?