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Samsung i600

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Was released the month before the iPhone was announced. Little did they know.

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    • I600 (2006)
    • 6TU
    • 22 Dec 2018

    S I600 (2006), 12 Apr 2017This Hp I Use Ever Since 2007 Was My First Samsung Mobile D... moreLook At Device Reminds Me Of The Days, When I Have Fun. The Build Quality Was Amazing Love How Portable This Device Was, Unfortunately My Last Time Baby Girl Broke My Charger Cable End Up Able To Charge, Left Black Screen & Back Then I Don't Have Money So Never Buy New Charger, After Few Years Sell To Gunny Sack Man.

      • B
      • Bill
      • 0Zr
      • 23 Jan 2018

      I want one of this mobile.

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        • S I600 (2006)
        • Kxv
        • 12 Apr 2017

        This Hp I Use Ever Since 2007 Was My First Samsung Mobile Device, Bring Me Back The Old Days.
        Signing Off TSH! (2017)

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • IEf
          • 20 Aug 2015

          mk1, 07 May 2015found one in the scrap yard for 50p dead as a dodo but let... moreYes the battery is charged outside of the phone, this phone came with 2 batteries.

            • m
            • mk1
            • n5G
            • 07 May 2015

            AnonD-323850, 29 Apr 2015Definitely one of the best smartphones I've ever used, hand... morefound one in the scrap yard for 50p
            dead as a dodo but lets see
            was the battery charged outside the phone?
            i see no socket
            anyone know about them?

              • D
              • AnonD-323850
              • 7Xr
              • 29 Apr 2015

              Definitely one of the best smartphones I've ever used, hands down!

                • k
                • kanthan
                • IWU
                • 08 Sep 2014


                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • U{d
                  • 02 Aug 2014

                  AnonD-247517, 25 Mar 2014my samsung i600 have windows mobile 5.0 ..pls tell me which... morehow can i upgrade my samsung i600 phone as i am not able to install whatsapp, viber on this and how can i install these apps

                    • a
                    • aneesh
                    • 3xJ
                    • 18 Jun 2014

                    my samsung I600 mobile internet not support ?how it will ready?please give a better answer

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                      • anju
                      • 3xJ
                      • 18 Jun 2014

                      I've samsung i600 bt ths mbl have some prblm internet not support?i also gve samusung centre,they told me it will not repair.pls gve me a gd repply

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                        • janu al hafeez
                        • t1$
                        • 04 Jun 2014

                        when your mobile samsung sgh i600 locked, than to unlock first time you do mobile off,button 0,4, navigation up key, and power button press in same time, after press 1, again after press,.y.. u can see phon is reset done ok thanks, but sorry i dnt speak english well,

                          • T
                          • Tasa
                          • Nv1
                          • 29 Apr 2014

                          jackson jesse, 06 Feb 2013i like this samsung i600 but i donot understand,my phone ne... morePlease help my samsung i600 says phone off

                            • M
                            • Mizz Andy
                            • NpC
                            • 16 Apr 2014

                            hey.. I am currently using ma i600 and now it has ran out of battery lifetime. been going around searching with no luck of getting the battery type. anyone with a clue where I can find it around King Williams Town in Eastern Cape??

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                              • denaro
                              • Mfx
                              • 27 Mar 2014

                              zdravkich, 30 May 2012Can I install music/video player , skype and another aplica... moreways of instaling media player in sumsung i600

                                • D
                                • AnonD-247517
                                • nDI
                                • 25 Mar 2014

                                my samsung i600 have windows mobile 5.0 ..pls tell me which higher version suport this phone,where can i download [post the link] and how can i do to make update?
                                ty for your answer...btw, this smartphone is awesome...

                                P.S. you can view the youtube clips? i ask this because i can't and if you can watch, how you do that?

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                                  • MO
                                  • SXE
                                  • 23 Oct 2013

                                  This phone supports Micro-SD cards upto 16 GB (Kingston was used)

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                                    • MO
                                    • 60R
                                    • 15 Oct 2013

                                    This phone was available in gray color too, at least in Russia.
                                    It was delivered with two batteries (slim and more powerful) and two back covers (respectively).

                                      • c
                                      • carol
                                      • K7g
                                      • 15 Sep 2013

                                      how to post picture to my FB

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-178193
                                        • 0TF
                                        • 23 Aug 2013

                                        dee, 29 Apr 2013how can i set email on this i6000samsang. and how can i... moreu dont need one all u have 2 do is to download a game or an app directly 2 ur phone as a cab file or to ur pc as an exe file and than connect ur pc and ur phone via cable star activesunc and start the exe file. it easier to download directly to the phone. and u can find a lot of app or games for i600 mostly under smartphone tags (rarely under windows mobile)