Samsung i607 BlackJack

Samsung i607 BlackJack

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People would say this phone is popular but...I never heard of it until now.

  • Umar

my sgh-i607 phone network closed, what is the solution, pls

  • vorko

I just now use black jack SGH i607..
very good windows 6 compatible phone..

  • Obaz

This phone is very very great phone. I remember the time when I was using this phone it gives alot of internet experiences. in fact during that time I promised Samsung that whenever they released Samsung windows phone. I will fight to buy it as well.
although in no time all I have migrated to Nokia symbian phones.

  • Anonymous

memo, 10 Jan 2015Is there any place where i cam get a batery for this phone sgh-i306Hi,

From Amazon here:­lackJack-AB103450CA/dp/B002N8E0G2/ref=pd_sim_107­_3/189-2968362-2202406?ie=UTF8&refRID=1F69K4­GM8NAHMH4MHXYC

  • memo

Is there any place where i cam get a batery for this phone sgh-i306

  • AnonD-274431

how do i unlock this phone if i put a new sim card?

  • Saqib Malik

I delete my internet setting
Now'How can i save new setting now my I607 phone

  • Anonymous

how do u unlock this phone if u put a new sim card?

  • Ali

ayesha, 03 Jan 2013do we have wifi in samsung i607how come you instal tell me

  • Anonymous

ayesha, 03 Jan 2013do we have wifi in samsung i607No wi-fi

  • annu

how do we access the dictionary on this phone and scan all the words that is stored? pl help.

  • ayesha

do we have wifi in samsung i607

  • liloxido

Any one here can help me solve this problem with my samsung i607.When i insert SIM card and swith it on it says Invalid or missing SIM card.You can still make emergency calls if your service provider supports it.Please i need a help on this

  • keara

who can tell me why my phone can't switch phone off to phone on in wireless manager

  • lalasman

plc how can i download wattsup 4 dis phone samsungblackjack plc help me

  • yass

Can Samsung i607 blackjack use different internet program to make phone call, like vibrate, skype, buzz and so on.

  • zdravkich

I have i600. Is it different than i607? Can i install programs as skype, video/music player, gps etc.?

  • Kaabeer

samusad, 21 Feb 2010i bought samsung i601 from bangladesh & using in bangladesh,... moreSame here man, I like the BlackJack

  • rizh

i am using this cell from last month with zong in Pakistan but it is not working with other networks. it is not locked. i want to change my network but this creating problem. plz solve it
i am still on wm5 edition