Samsung i640

Samsung i640

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  • ermmon280 yahoo com

Puneet, 25 Oct 2008This mobile is worth to own...the best I have bought.Anyone is interested to get this phone at a special price?
You can reach me at e-mail above.
Thank you.

  • Kundan Sule

It's an amazing experience to operate a phone with 128MB RAM. It gives an unbelievable music experiene with its earplugs n is a great user friendly devie to have!! The only irritating thing is its GPRS settings...its very complicated...has a very good battery life...but else....its worth of its prize....

  • Puneet

This mobile is worth to own...the best I have bought.

  • Kundan

Hi guys, I am about to buy a new Samsung i640 in this Diwali. Any suggestions for a better piece or handling tips are most welcome. My e-mail ID is

  • Anonymous

is this expensive?

  • Anonymous

looks like an overweight version of the

  • z

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2008any mobile without wlan is outdated.....regardless of other features!!duh!!!!!!!!!!
see d pictures link at d left of ur screen in d specs of dis phone??? click it den u wil find r million dollar question!

  • Anonymous

this phone is sexy!

  • venus

the phone is really awesome and the most appreciable attribute is its jog dial which is very found in the smart phones as well. So overall a mind blasting creation by Samsung.

  • A.

Does anyone know if this phone has security features?

I need to be able to lock the phone so that my information can only be accessed with a password.

  • Anonymous

any mobile without wlan is outdated.....regardless of other features!!

  • Madi

ok i luv the phone but does it stay like that or does it slide? i dont get it

  • kathryn

Does this phone have internet access? I need access to Babel Fish instant translator when traveling to Korea.
Anyone know? S

  • m3h8ingu2

oh man i hate this slide/fashion design and i think it's very annoying.and the phone is not better than my samsung i600..

  • Anonymous

Does this phone operate by SIM card?

  • .ram

Samsung SGH-i640 Slider 3.5G HSDPA PhoneSamsung i640 (also on the Vodafone network i640V) is a slider 3.5G HSDPA compatible with a mobile

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks ass

dont buy it

  • Anonymous

i love this phone. it is so sleek && slim. its a phone anyone should want.

  • Anonymous

don`t buy from this guy gershon is a fraud

  • Anonymous

jst got this phone from b4tele uk and it is amazing but i have two phone and this is the best