Samsung i7110

Samsung i7110

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  • KGB
  • fu4
  • 06 Aug 2021

Where can i buy this in 2021?

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    • rainai
    • X{9
    • 27 Jul 2017

    This was my dream phone. I really wanted one but I couldn't afford it. :'( I wish they'd make these again so that I can finally buy it.

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      • solo
      • swd
      • 15 Feb 2017

      I still use this one :)

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        • AnonD-64662
        • uur
        • 06 Mar 2013

        dear Samsung, if revival of old phones is about to get started, this one i7110 is the best phone to modernise for you guys.. let my dear friends on GSMarena see its feature laden history, greatlooking specs for the bygone times..
        simply re-introduce this DIVA of a phone by MODERNISING IT IN PRESENT context as there still exists a vast number of users uho like Retro styling(it is in vogue by the way nowadays), NO-touch, No-Qwerty phones of HI class which existed some years before..
        I am sure you,ll not repent this laymanish advice and shall be leading a whole new cult once again..
        TAKE THE LEAD BEFORE NOKIA DOES!! and they sure are going to do this sooner than we users can think of.whats my take.. you read my comments on NOKIA 301 posted today on this site.

          • y
          • yeshu
          • Nvf
          • 31 Dec 2012

          can anyone tell me how to remove headphones image on my wall as im not able to hear any call pllz

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • mvD
            • 05 Jun 2012

            I have one of this now. Not a bad phone, my cost 83 us dollar (600 swedish kr) two years ago, dropped it outside two times in wet weather and just the black sqare around the mid-buttom is gone.

              • m
              • maxpeterson
              • fwx
              • 13 Jan 2012

              lollixo, 10 Jan 2012if you visit german ebay you will find a new model of this ... morewhat is his name pliz tell me

                • l
                • lollixo
                • 3{%
                • 10 Jan 2012

                maxpeterson, 07 Jan 2012where you buy it ?? he doesn't existe because it's old i've... moreif you visit german ebay you will find a new model of this one at 109 €

                  • m
                  • maxpeterson
                  • fqP
                  • 07 Jan 2012

                  trish, 22 Dec 2011i like this phone! i would love to buy this one.. =)where you buy it ?? he doesn't existe because it's old i've search but not found it

                    • t
                    • trish
                    • v0q
                    • 22 Dec 2011

                    i like this phone! i would love to buy this one.. =)

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • 0mU
                      • 07 Sep 2011

                      hello ....Is there a more durable battery for Samsung i7110 ?...

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • nEf
                        • 28 Jul 2011

                        Does this fone have same lip sync issues of i8510?ta

                          • L
                          • Liam
                          • n}f
                          • 19 Jun 2011

                          Please, Were do i get this phone in britain? i Cant find it on ebay or anywere. This phone looks amazing.

                            • j
                            • john69
                            • Nak
                            • 14 Jun 2011

                            how to update and sometime my phone indicate system error

                              • S
                              • Shailu
                              • fCS
                              • 09 Jun 2011

                              Plz tell me price samsung i7110 of online purchase

                                • S
                                • SHAILU
                                • fCS
                                • 09 Jun 2011

                                VAIBHAVI GANDHI, 28 Oct 2009where is this phone available in mumbai plz msg asap Hi...vaibhavi i m shailesh frm rajasthan of mount.plz tell what is price of samsung i7110.

                                  • a
                                  • wrk
                                  • 23 Jan 2011

                                  bosan, 01 Jan 2011There are only 5 sold in Indonesia. You can only find the s... morereally but when i try to buy it there was already sold!!!

                                    • a
                                    • wrk
                                    • 23 Jan 2011

                                    i love this phone,but in indonesia i never find it please if somebody help how to get this phone in indonesia,thank's

                                      • j
                                      • jy
                                      • PT2
                                      • 05 Jan 2011

                                      how is the sound quality in headphones & speaker bass, clearity & loudness? does it isolate from your surroundings? what is the sms memory unlimited or limited?