Samsung I8000 Omnia II

Samsung I8000 Omnia II

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  • Pat
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  • 10 May 2024

I had this phone in 2009 as a teenager. It was the absolute worst thing i've purchased. A potato of a phone with a microsoft based OS.

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    • Honeybun
    • v{u
    • 04 Jan 2024

    MaximusOmnia, 28 Feb 2023It can run some 32-bit Windows executables (.exe), however ... moreIt cannot run dextop versions(x86) of .exe files.Not even some.Those days windows mobile executables were delivered as .exe files or .cab files.Some times, when you execute the dextop version(x86) of some apps, it gets installed in your PPC via activesync.It seems like the program(x86) is being installed, but it just installs the ppc version of the same app.In cases like that, you actually can grab the real PPC version by going to the activesync folder in windows/system32

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      • Aedo
      • 3HS
      • 30 Dec 2023

      Rafie, 27 Mar 2022Omnia in Arabic it's mean "wish or dream" Nice!

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        • MaximusOmnia
        • 0}C
        • 26 Mar 2023

        Did you know the Omnia 2 can record video footage during an active phone call?
        What is so special about it, you might ask? Try it on today's shiny smartphones. Hint: You can't.

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          • MaximusOmnia
          • 0}C
          • 28 Feb 2023

          It can run some 32-bit Windows executables (.exe), however no .com (DOS) or .bat (batch) files. Also, unlike 32-bit desktop Windows, it apparently can not run 16-bit executables.

          It actually has some applications redundantly, like two calculators and two file managers and two media players and two web browsers, two home screens, two keyboards, two WiFi/bluetooth setting user interfaces, apparently one by Samsung and one by Microsoft each time. This gives users the choice which they prefer, and one might have features the other lacks.

          One of the two file managers shows icons of Windows executable (.exe) files, and also has folder icons inherited from Windows Vista. That must be Microsoft's file manager. There is also a "Windows Media Player" with buttons that look like desktop Windows Media Player 11.

          The Windows Media Player has an integrated HTTP and RSTP and MMS streaming feature, whereas there is a separate app called "streaming player" with a similar user interface as Samsung's media player.

          The other file manager has a draggable scroll bar, something many mobile file managers embarrassingly lack even a decade later. It also provides haptic feedback while scrolling and bumping against the end. And the time stamp of files is retained when copying a file, even between internal storage and MicroSD card. Most Android phones reset files' time stamps, making it wrong.

          The calendar app has a date jumping feature, which Samsung had removed on the Galaxy S6, which, as we know, has had so many features pruned as YouTube removed over the years.

          Both the charging port and 3.5mm audio connector are on the same side, which is more convenient than on opposing sides.

          Its Opera mobile web browser multiplies the scrolling distance, meaning the page moves faster than the finger moves. This is something I wish new browsers had. Additionally, when saving pages, it also saves the JavaScript files. Nowadays, no mobile browser I am aware of can do that.

          Thanks to its flash player, it could play videos from YouTube's desktop website, with annotations visible. However, it used the pre-2010 ActionScript 2 video player user interface, which YouTube provided back then for compatibility. Also the Nintendo Wii used that.

          The Opera Mobile web browser from the Omnia 2 can also convert desktop websites into single-column mobile websites. This was back when most of the web was not optimized for mobile, so it was highly necessary.

          Its task switcher has both options for a stacked (overlapping) and a side-by-side view. Additionally, there is a 3D cube launcher interface which id assigned to the back button (next to the shutter button), which I think is very creative. Back then, mobile phone vendors came up with such creative ideas, unlike now, which is rather monotonous.

          The camera shutter button has two levels, one for focus and one for capturing. This is the intuition from a dedicated digital camera. I also like its diamond-resembling home button. More "premium"-looking than the mediocre home button of iPhones at that time, if that is something users care about. I primarily care about functionality and utility though, since that is the whole purpose of a smartphone.

          As a 2009 smartphone, it even features a dual-LED flash while iPhones and even the 2010 Galaxy S had none. It can illuminate both photos and videos!

          Of course, back then, internal storage was accessible as mass storage, which is more stable than MTP (media transfer protocol) ever was.

          The rear camera video resolution is 3:2 720×480, which looks far better than the 4:3 640×480 from 1960s CRT televisions. These eighty pixels of added wideness made the viewing experience more convenient. Also, its slow motion ability (320×240 at 120fps) is highly impressive for 2009. The first iPhone with slow motion, the iPhone 5s, only came over four years later. The slow motion footage from the Omnia 2 unfortunately lacks sound and is not encoded in its real-time frame rate, like Samsung phones before the S6 (2015), but it having slow motion in first place is impressive.

          Its telephone application also has a call recorder included! This is something Google has done their utmost best to get rid of from their operating system, making it impossible to record calls without root access.

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            • Anonymous
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            • 28 Feb 2023

            It actually runs the desktop edition of 7-Zip file manager! I tested it years ago with 7-Zip 9.20, which was the last non-beta version for several years. Newer versions might not work.

            Some options are however inaccessible due to the insufficient screen resolution compared to a desktop or laptop monitor.

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              • 28 Feb 2023

              warriorCavt, 26 Nov 2022Bruh my old Omnia II is bootlooping smh and if I go to batt... moreWell, thankfully you can take out the MicroSD memory card with all your precious memories!

              Users of 2020s smartphones are largely excluded from this luxury.

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                • warriorCavt
                • JK8
                • 26 Nov 2022

                Bruh my old Omnia II is bootlooping smh and if I go to battery charging screen with empty battery
                Please tell me how to fix it

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                  • warriorCavt
                  • JK8
                  • 26 Nov 2022

                  Bruh my old Omnia II is bootlooping smh and if I go to battery charging screen with empty battery
                  Please tell me how to fix it

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                    • Rafie
                    • CIN
                    • 27 Mar 2022

                    Omnia in Arabic it's mean "wish or dream"

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                      • Samsung 4 Life
                      • KgW
                      • 28 Aug 2019

                      Great phone during the year 2010 to 2011. I surely will gonna mis this phone...

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                        • Mark
                        • i4P
                        • 21 Jun 2019

                        could be this available?

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                          • sep uk
                          • 3Ws
                          • 27 Mar 2017

                          i bought this great phone on ebay 3 weeks ago, its factory unlocked but needs new screen will buy for £8 quid on ebay then will look like new again. i only paid a tenner for it and works great this will value in time i know and make a nice tidy profit indeed.

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                            • AnonD-52738
                            • IVV
                            • 27 Nov 2016

                            Can't believe this phone after 7 years still working fine! I just try it and it is working as usual.

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                              • cris
                              • aj@
                              • 01 May 2016

                              any new rom supporting SHA2 encryption??
                              I mean after august 2014, and built on AKU 35 or later?


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                                • Omnium
                                • 3Nt
                                • 19 Mar 2016

                                Best android rom?
                                My camera button doen't work anymore.
                                With android I could push the tactile button I hope.
                                Some solution to blocked buttons?

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                                  • AnonD-81044
                                  • 0Tv
                                  • 18 Mar 2016

                                  Bootloop is nothing serious. In fact it is a good sign your phone is still alive, and not hardware bricked. All you have to do is reflash a ROM and everything will be ok.
                                  what you mean which version of wm to use? wm 6.5.3 is more finger friendly. wm 6.5 is more pen oriented. wm 6.5 is more compatible with apps, although even with wm 6.5.3 you will see very very few incompatible apps.
                                  If you mean which language ? then ask yourself. Which is your native language or a laguage want to use ? if a language talked within EU then flash a european ROM. check my posts a little below. if for example talk chinese or arab language then try to find and flash another ROM. This topic will help you with some links too.
                                  If other problem, then write another post and i will try to help you.

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                                    • Jdot
                                    • PS6
                                    • 14 Mar 2016

                                    I has a samsung omnia i8000 but its matter is the device was bootloop when i switch on it just display their logo's only. So what i must do right now to repair my phone? I dont know this phone use what WM. Can give me a few ways in this problem

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                                      • tac
                                      • Q%5
                                      • 30 Nov 2015

                                      been using this phone for many years overdue... romnia v3 rom has served me well thank you so much

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • sS0
                                        • 17 Nov 2015

                                        AnonD-81044, 07 Sep 2015Camera is very difficult to become defected. i told you man... moreyes