Samsung I8200 Galaxy S III mini VE

Samsung I8200 Galaxy S III mini VE

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  • TuFayel

nice phone

  • Anonymous

Sim kart

  • Naif.R

syed, 31 Jan 2017dear sir i am syed my samsung galaxy 111mini gt-1890 phone loc... moredo factory rest using recovery
to know how to use it on s3 mini just search on google
or try this hold the power button and volume down until the recovery appears
then do wipe data/factory rest

  • syed

dear sir
i am syed my samsung galaxy 111mini gt-1890 phone locked,also msg view for too many pattern attemps also my gmail id is locked so resolve the phone locked for your opinion

  • SCISSOR19930708

ctreisunu, 16 Jul 2015Not for heavy users.Battery drains fast and takes a long time to... moreapp settings>phone, then turn on notification

  • Anonymous

AnonD-401697, 01 Jun 2015Short battery.Long recharge.Pointless.Bettery life

  • Mitch

anyone had battery problems after two/ three years?

  • Anonymous

amin, 28 Aug 2016its goodWhy heating the mobial

  • Anonymous

phone battery gets heated


good verry


i useing this verry good

  • amin

its good

  • Anonymous

i neded 1 piece

  • AnonD-574569

Yes there is no cyanogen mod image for it (yet) and samsung didn't provide an update to kitkat. Could easiliy run Lollipop with its hardware specs. Compared to my S Duso 7562 it is fast, dual core processor @ 1,2Ghz & 1Gb ram compared to single Core PRocessor @ 1Ghz & 750Mb ram. It has NFC (can be used for small payments in the futur) , a gyroscope, acellerometer & compass , many others fail to have this. So I expect it to be good @ navigation. I shall test gmaps/google offline maps to see if its actually good.
Not bad, bit unfortunate this device is not 4,3 or 4,5 inch.

  • AnonD-570297

It is a good phone but wont let me show battery percentage so i am sad about that :(

  • AnonD-570297

It wont let me turn on battery percentage it is crap

  • jamal

I8200 doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)

  • Yasir

please suggest me if I update my samsung galexy s3 mini gt18200 phone them it work good or not please...

  • optional

Great phone, battery issue tho

When i say issue, it only means its not for gaming.

Still no custom rom and i am kinda sad about it. it could run kit kat and higher easily.

  • Anonymous

wuzzup, 15 Jun 2015can u fix the prob. on this unit plss i cant enjoy using this bc... moreuse power bank