Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Anonymous

In my opinion this was the succesor of nokia n95 not the n96

  • Vidd

This cell phone was the best in 2008, and until now I still have it ... Moreover, this cellphone still works well ... Even though the condition has faded but it can still be used every day, and now it is the second cellphone ... For those of you who read this comment, I'm sure those of you who don't have or already have this phone have a lot of impressions that are really missed ....

Tequila , 28 Mar 2019Hello family I'm also searching every online site for this... moreI have a Working Used of this Phone

  • Tequila

Hello family
I'm also searching every online site for this phone but i can't find anything except replacement parts.I even sent an e-mail to Samsung and ask them to remanufacture it exactly the way it was and see if it won't sell.I think if maybe they can receive a lot more request they might consider

  • Joseph

I have this back in 2016

Cive, 24 Jul 2008man, what you're talking about!? there was 8mpx phone in j... moreThat phone was released in October. The Samsung i8510 INNOV8 was released in September.

Can't believe Samsung didn't produce enough of these phones so it can be a very popular phone.

  • Dejvi Mullaj

tonymancs, 06 Dec 2016Just got one. Literally a golden year for me, with N91, N93... moreI want this phone, everybody have this phone

Just got one. Literally a golden year for me, with N91, N93 and INNOV8 in collecton, all fully working.

  • Anonymous

I'm literally crying right now because I can't find this phone for sale on eBay...

  • Anonymous

Amazing phone ! I saw it on sell NEW ! But price is high.

  • AnonD-94482

i had strip problem display was'nt showing up, gave some one in market to fix it he proved a criminal and ate my phone and all it's accessories with box curse you technicians. i remember, i was a 13-14 year old young boy.. "May he rot in hell forever n 4ever" ah... those were the days... best phone ever i had in my life. samsung should reproduce such phones again.

  • Anon

This phone was great. Remember I sold the n95 8gb for this. Ah...those were the days...nowadays all phones look the same.

  • Anonymous

WaTzaP, 02 Apr 2015can't find any phone that looks alike :( i would buy it ... moreso would I.

  • Great

I a friend gave me Samsung i8510.The screen is always black if i on it i hear its sound but the screen is dark.
What can i do?. Somebody should help. Thanks.

  • WaTzaP

Manush, 09 Mar 2015The greatest of all can't find any phone that looks alike :(

i would buy it again if it had another OS

  • Shaq

My i8510 freezes when i switch it on, it stays stuck on Samsung innov 8. what can i do to get working normal again

  • Manush

The greatest of all

  • Manush

AnonD-339732, 09 Dec 2014Hello Friends, I have samsung Innov8 16GB. And there is a a... morePress 0 and 8 holding start the phone. It will reset your phone and wipe everything in phone.

  • averhielle

the greatest phone of all time!it beats iphone,android and other phones.Legend of samsung begins with this handyset.