Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam

Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2012i have this phone its amazingWhere did u buy it

  • cool

way better than the iphone

  • jdlldnkjb

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2012i have this phone its amazingdont tell us about ur dreams,
this phone is yet to b launched...

  • AnonD-46937

Where can I Buy, this phone ?
i want it Unlocked.

  • biswojeet

is it dual sim phone

  • karthik

superb HD Projector

  • Anonymous

i have this phone its amazing

  • Anonymous

Blackie, the true is TFT.

  • nick

it looks awesome !!!

  • Vickram

Good to see the projector integrated...
I wish it had HDMI port...

  • AnonD-8044

Cant wait to get mine hope its got DNSe and concert hall setting.

  • AnonD-45488

AnonD-27284, 12 Mar 2012well done? This is a crap what kind of phone is this? Even spi... moreGagaga the next is SAMSUNG GALAXY refrigirator ..gagaga

  • Blackie

It's marked as Super AMOLED. But many other sites posted it as TFT in Specs. Which is true?

  • Ash

they are trying too hard... ther are way better phnz

  • Kenwood


  • Preeboy

the camera details is wrong. its packed with a 8 MP camera :D

  • AnonD-12936

nice phone..
Watch movie on projector... WOW..

  • Mike

There are not many companies that do not copy or pay for components/help from rivals. Putting a projector in a phone is no different to a radio or camera. Is the company that produced the first cameraphone suing every other cameraphone manufacturer?

  • Mike

I wouldn't call this "Projectorphone" chunky. I think it's a fantastic idea, would definitely get one. Well done Samsung. Is the lens on top of the phone without any protection? One scratch would ruin it.

  • AnonD-27284

James, 11 Mar 2012I have been critical of Samsung's lack creative thinking, howeve... morewell done? This is a crap
what kind of phone is this?
Even spice (india) has projector built-in in some phone...
This is copy! Not creative!
I hope spice will sues samsung over copying their phone