Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

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  • Rene
  • s{K
  • 25 Oct 2021

It's October 2021! And I'm still using this phone as a back up to my Samsung J7 Prime. The phone is working excellent.

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    • SZTadir
    • xfM
    • 09 Jun 2021

    I use to keep the newspaper cutting of the advertisement for this phone back in 2010. Buying this phone was my dream at that time. Never accumulated enough money for it. Bought the Xperia Pro mk16a 18 months later.

    Suddenly remembered this phone today and had to come to GSMA to check it out again.

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      • iLikeAndroid
      • pwa
      • 08 Jun 2021

      PPVW, 28 Dec 2020How to set up voicemail on iPhone is a question which most ... moreYou know this is a samsung, not an iPhone.

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        • PPVW
        • YQx
        • 28 Dec 2020

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          • user
          • nw$
          • 07 Apr 2020

          I have it. Still working
          pro: great display-very bright. Great camera for pictures, for video not so good, great speakers, great design, good battery life, great audio from 3.5 mm jack, a lot of memory-8gb internal and up to 32gb sd card
          con: symbian OS was different from nokia-not all games works, not so responsive touch screen, battery now is poor, no backlight keys, no selfie camera just for video calls, no apps and games-no facebook app no instagram.
          I loved this phone when it was new-best of symbian at that time

            Great hardware at the time, but the software side was awful.

            Symbian OS basically handicapped this device.

              Anonymous, 12 May 2015Not a good phone! Bad picture quality for a 8mp camera, ... moreYou know the phone was from 2009, right?

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                • Ricky
                • i5P
                • 21 Mar 2019

                One of my favourite phones. Mine still works perfectly fine despite some battery issues.
                The slow motion recording was a top feature, even today few phones can do it.
                Build construction and attention to details was great, not the cheap materials used nowadays.

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                  • AnonD-632062
                  • Hxc
                  • 21 Oct 2018

                  Catherine the Great, 12 Oct 2018I feel the video camera was too unappreciated back in 2009.... moreIndeed, absolutely!

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                    • AnonD-632062
                    • Hxc
                    • 21 Oct 2018

                    One of the first AMOLED's ever!

                      I feel the video camera was too unappreciated back in 2009. Looking back now, it was really something ahead of it's time.

                        Even after this phone was released, there was still 480p video cameras being used and even sold! So shocking!

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                          • Somy
                          • PUM
                          • 31 Oct 2016

                          Best phone i have ever used.. display is outclass and camera much better than recently so called 8 mo cameras

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                            • HBr
                            • 18 Aug 2015

                            Perfect phone, support and os Sucks big time ,

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                              • niravbhai s
                              • XNp
                              • 23 Jun 2015

                              shah, 12 Nov 2014this cell phon sotwear is wel plz re releas this type cell ... moresa msung i8910HD

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Sc$
                                • 12 May 2015

                                Not a good phone!

                                Bad picture quality for a 8mp camera, blurry and less details...

                                USB driver doesn't work with M$ Vista Business x64

                                The display has bad lighting conditions outdoors

                                SAMSUNG SUX

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                                  • shah
                                  • sSP
                                  • 12 Nov 2014

                                  this cell phon sotwear is wel plz re releas this type cell of symbiyan softwear set

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                                    • JayB
                                    • 0ZH
                                    • 19 Aug 2014

                                    Rej, 06 Oct 2012I think this was Samsung's prototype rival for iphone 3 bac... moreTotally correct on that one! Was a shame ! The phone looks and feels great. But OS sucks. And never any updates. If I got Android or windows on it, Id still use it.

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                                      • Neeraj kumar
                                      • X0Z
                                      • 13 Aug 2014

                                      Hi,i am from india.i using samsung i8910hd its software version is ddig3.please tell me best software for my mobile

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • X3e
                                        • 06 Aug 2014

                                        i got this phone free from my daughter after she upgraded hers it is great its easy to operate its 5yrs old but everythings are working like new .thank u Samsung and daughter