Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

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  • cia

Skendy, 29 Jan 2010Upgrade your firmware to hacked HyperX version from http://www.h... morei really didnt understand wat u wrote... tell me again...plzz...

i go to hyperss.... there i downloaded speed_cook_2.03.rar...

is this is the file which is firmware.. and then how to put that in phone... i shall be v. thankful if u will guide me... hope u will...


soulchild_71, 28 Jan 2010Hey sajad send it to my name on hot mail. I cant wait to try it.... moresoulchild
how many times should i tell u that now i had posted that kastor effects on a new site,try the here here here here here means here


soulchild, 28 Jan 2010Bro you said to download trapezium effects??? Were can I get it???soulchild
bro pc studio cant do it for u,use active file to look for ur c/resources and paste those effects there,and dnt forget to go to active file setting and change the copy mode to paste.

  • Skendy

cia, 26 Jan 2010i hav an old firmware.... can u give me a link for firmware from... moreUpgrade your firmware to hacked HyperX version from

Save HX Speed 2.03 to your hard drive...
Turn off phone.
Press up and lock button together, and turn on phone.
Still together up and lock button until the blue screen. (loader for firmware upgrade)
Now, open your downloaded exe file, connect phone to pc (need XP) and press download on your oppened program!

  • Skendy

rohit, 26 Jan 2010thanks for that detailed explanation.. also, is it necessary for... moreYes...
but... upgrade your firmware to hacked HyperX version from

  • cia

Harsh, 29 Jan 2010Cia, I just saw your post today.. I read it somewhre and symb... morehmmmm... then how to get kastor effects... i just search this link... but thoes effects r on n97... here is the post...­super-cool-transitions-to-the-n97/

here they hav given the video and tell how to put kastore effects...

this is the way or not... if not then tell me too... i also want thoes superb effects... plzzzzz

  • vivek

the most superb handset dat i ve seen n now i grabbed one too. its a pleasure 2 use n features are mind blowing. go get one guys.........vivek( happy owner of an i8910 omnia hd 16 gb)

  • Symbios

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Hamid,

Sorry bout that Hamid lol lol this is the link -­986 select the download file from ipmart

  • Symbios

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2010Hey All, Can somone with a hacked phone try to install the ne... moreHamid,

This is the nokia ovi maps with the voice navigation and all that jazz....try it installed on my device with no probs...mine is hacked

  • Harsh

Symbios, 29 Jan 2010Harsh, Actually u can copy, cut and paste with Y-Browser, u j... moreYeah right, i didnt notice that because i had to copy enrire resource folder few days back for kastor effects and i was not able to and i had to use activefile.. Thanks for clearing it out..

  • Symbios

soulchild, 28 Jan 2010Bro you said to download trapezium effects??? Were can I get it???Soulchild,

If ur phone is hacked then the C:/resources folder should be available.....its in the root folder on the c: after u open the c: drive just scroll down

  • Symbios

harsh, 28 Jan 2010I dont use y browser so i don't know about it.. Use activefile..... moreHarsh,

Actually u can copy, cut and paste with Y-Browser, u just cant copy entire folder like active file can. Y-Browser is simplier if u r trying to copy a single file

  • Harsh

hamid, 29 Jan 2010forgot to type my name,lol, sorry...Hamid,

I cannot download the N97 voice guided ovi maps that you loaded.. There is no link to download them on that page !!

  • Harsh


I just saw your post today.. I read it somewhre and symbios also confirmed that he knows it.. What you do is you Switch off the phone and then you switch it on with all the three front keys pressed.. It is said to format only your phon memory.. But no one has done this before..

Kastor effects are cool effects which definetly looks great on your phone (i have it right now)..
But you need to have your phone hacked..

About firmware, i am simply waiting for the global update from samsung, because flashing of new firmware voids warranty in my country..
The latest is XXII2 firmware which symbios has..

Pc studio says so because you dont have any updates for your region..

  • Harsh

Here's the path to download c2z creator..­rar.html

Copy the patch to E:/Patches if you dont have it..

  • HArsh


you can get the trapezium effect here­effect.rar.html

Sajad has posted it here for me..

Follow the instuctions in there and ask if you find anything difficult..

Also do you have c2z patch ?? go to E:/Patches and check it out.. If you dont then tell me..

  • hamid

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2010Hey All, Can somone with a hacked phone try to install the ne... moreforgot to type my name,lol, sorry...

  • Anonymous

Hey All,

Can somone with a hacked phone try to install the new N97 voice guided map and let me know if he was successful or not?­s-navigation-available-for-nokia-n97/

Thank you so much

  • hamid

Altaf , 28 Jan 2010i am going to buy omnia hd very soon, but when i went through ma... moreAll you have to do is set ur message storage to the mass memory or memory card like i did and u r fine...
And buddy that 256mb is the amount of ram... what u mentioned about is the phone memory which is a different thing... the phone memory(c) of this device has about 40mb of free memory

  • hamid

Harsh, 28 Jan 2010Experts, Today i recorded an video through for the first time... moreHarsh dude,
I have 2 of them on my camera both on the view finder and video shots...they apear only in the dark or lets say very low light condition indoor...
Sadly nearly all i8910s have some of those hot pixels on their cam sensors...and yet nobody knows what the f they realy are...
I did a search on the net when i noticed i have some on my fon...some say while producing of the both types CCD and CMOS sensors some sand or dust would get through the sensor's layers during the procedure causing this issue...So thats a hardware issue and i dont believe a software update would help...
BTW, they wont be apeared on still images(image processor correcting them)
Also while zooming they change their places(linearly) and their sizes...