Samsung I9000 Galaxy S gets the hands-on treatment on HD video

24 March, 2010

The newly announced Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is a VIP guest at the Samsung booth at this year's CTIA Wireless expo and is naturally enjoying quite a lot of attention. We have several videos of the handset in action, demonstrating its remarkable performance and sweetly slim waistline.

The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is obviously very snappy and responsive and the power of its 1GHz CPU can be felt throughout the interface. There are also multi-touch gestures (which are also quite smooth) and the TouchWiz interface to freshen up the stock Android looks. Check out the Samsung's new Android flagship in the videos below.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

If the support in all the HTC products is at the same level as HTC Hero's, I suggest you should avoid HTC.. Just terrible. No updates and terribly buggy and laggy and slow.

  • lord

this phone will be defenedly a good rival for htc beast wars. i realy dont know to buy i9000 or hd2. i love hd2 but this phone is more successful with mobile 7 is so weak.every phone maker is counting on android even htc.

  • Brandlee

Can someone keep me up to date? need to know if the HTC EVO CAN BE UPDATED to run on WINDOWS MOBILE 7. Again has the EVO got JAVA? Please reply to