Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance

Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance

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  • faus
  • xLu
  • 31 Oct 2022

Alex Rhon, 21 Jul 2022My first Android SmartPhone! Great times with it!me too

    My first Android SmartPhone!
    Great times with it!

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      • Anonymous
      • PIF
      • 23 Dec 2021

      my first ever smartphone used to overclock and root this bad boy

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        • Nabil Januar
        • KiC
        • 07 Sep 2021

        This phone was my father's! 😅

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          • Ozi
          • uED
          • 29 Jun 2021

          Andy, 20 May 2021Today I did "Hard reset" to my Samsung Galaxy S A... moreGoogling apkpure as substitution of Google play.

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            • Duarte Simoes
            • s0c
            • 01 Jun 2021

            I sent mine to Vodafone Portugal for a software update, because the phone itself could not find the update anymore. I don't know what they did but they totally ruined my phone. basically, they froze it.

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              • Andy
              • m@7
              • 20 May 2021

              Today I did "Hard reset" to my Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070. After "Hard reset" I did signing to my gmail acount. But it seems "Google Play" store app doesn't want to open and work properly. What have I to do?

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                • Andy
                • m@7
                • 12 May 2021

                Today I got a new battery (maxximus pl) for Samsung Galaxy S Advanced GT-I9070. Capacity is a little bit biger (1750mAh) but it lasts the same as used 3 years old original battery. What should I do? Maybe "Hard reset"?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 6p}
                  • 05 May 2021

                  Ridix786, 02 Jan 2020Sad thing is. That i still use this phone hahahaha its tras... moreYes from 2012 to until now I use continue I told it i's a very good mobil

                    Sad thing is. That i still use this phone hahahaha its trash but one of the sturdiest phone i got. 7 years and still going strong. thinking of replacing it with something new. maybe Huawei

                      charlz, 15 Mar 2018it's the worst phone one could think of buying... can't acc... moreIn 2019😒😒

                        TouchWiz brings back very awful memories

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                          • Prince
                          • uvG
                          • 13 Sep 2018

                          Which new phones batteries can be put in Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 ? excluding EB535151VU ?

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                            • charlz
                            • Nsc
                            • 15 Mar 2018

                            it's the worst phone one could think of buying... can't access camera,very slow..aaargh it really sucks!!!

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                              • Samsung lover
                              • thi
                              • 09 Jan 2018

                              I got this phone few days ago. a relative gave it to me. Im currently using it as a secondary phone and i really love the design even if its a 2012 model. The screen is responsive and i love the display. It fits one hand. Most of the time i would just use it for games calls and text. I can use facebook and messenger app on this device but i would prefer to use important apps with my primary phone.
                              Its slow on some apps. I Actually bought a new non original battery for this phone and i notice its discharging fast when wifi is turned on so i always have to turn off wifi..
                              With the new battery it would last more than a day if im not using wifi or data. Its 2018 but Overall i love this phone as a secondary one.

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                                • YQ}
                                • 06 Nov 2017

                                extremly slow can't even access camera

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                                  • ibh
                                  • 13 Sep 2017

                                  Abby Endozo, 23 Nov 2016Why until now my phone did not upgrade to version 4.1.21. copy important files from phone storage to external sdcard and take it out.
                                  2. refer to -
                                  3. If cpu go high, phone lag, battery hot, play store stop function then you should do a Factory Reset. Optional you can format internal sdcard before that if you don't mind to setup everything later.
                                  4. Remember to turn off gps and data (slide down notification bar) right after the fresh ui come up.
                                  Note: 1. purchased apps and music license key sometimes can not get back. 2. free ram will go under 100MB. 3. i have no idea how to go back to 2.3.6. :-(

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                                    • Kapil
                                    • gMA
                                    • 03 Sep 2017

                                    rahul, 06 May 2013Just took update through kies and its working smoothly..jel... morereally if i update gt-i9070 to jb it will not slow

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                                      • suresh
                                      • wdJ
                                      • 18 Jul 2017

                                      Ummm....Couch Potato, 06 Jun 2017I have this phone for 4 years. The bad thing is that, the... moreDisable all the google apps except playstore, gmail, whatsapp. use only gmail, whatsapp. u will get 150mb free ram and u will not get lag. use only for calling, mail, whatsapp.

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                                        • AnonD-545066
                                        • uBS
                                        • 22 Jun 2017

                                        of course its slow. its 2017 mate Wake up!!