Samsung I9506 Galaxy S4

Samsung I9506 Galaxy S4

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  • Sayem

I've to carry 4 sets of batteries, no regrets though.. ;)

  • Orazai

Battery is fast ending in this phone.I set batteries two times.

  • big_troll

"1gb p/s theoretical limit ". Why would anybody care about a theoretical limit for a technology? There are too many variables. Network congestion, various operator speed delimiters, antenna distance etc. Theoretical limits are for engineers in controlled labs. Mine is running fine on LTE-A on 30-50mbit/s. That's more than sufficient for me.

  • Anonymous

Now running Android 9.0. No problems. Got a new battery. I was an original Samsung produced in 2018. So batteries are still manufactured for this phone. Currently testing location based pin-code locking. Appears to work fine. APT-X/APT-X HD/LDAC/AAC codecs available as part of developer options and is chosen correctly depending on receiving. parts. Found a wireless charger and mounted it. Working correctly. Nice!

  • Ray

bob, 29 Jan 2019I'm curious if anyone has tested the LTE-A download speeds ... more1Gbps? That stated on this page the max 4G LTE speed on this phone is 150/50 Mb/s.
I've measured 70+/30+ Mb/s on mine many times, but it depends on multiple factors.

  • bob

I'm curious if anyone has tested the LTE-A download speeds on this phone and if they are anywhere close to the 1gb p/s theoretical limit and what the heat and power use is like?

I have one and it shows no signs of life. Can't charge batteries, won't show anything on the screen, and charged batteries don't make it turn on either. Probably a dead board but if anyone has a solution for this?

  • S4.I9500

Install TWRP and super su for uninstall apps while not use to speed up S4.

  • s4

i am still using this smartphone in 2018 nov 2nd without any problem some time its slow but its ok better than many phone

  • jurjeradoi21

I have this phone since 17 december 2013. Never had problems,I use the same original battery(it's not like new) and it's only going down too fast when I use Mobile Data.
Camera is not the best when you don't have enough light but otherwise it's perfect.
Storage is not a problem,you can alwasy use MicroSD card.
Compared with new mobile phones,he moves slower than S7,8 or 9,but still is doing a great work.
Buy with confidence.

tombic, 20 Jul 2018Where did you get your Lineage 14? There is no downloadable... moreIt's not an official Lineage OS build, it was recompiled by someone from XDA Developers, here is the link for the download -

  • tombic

Anonymous, 08 May 2018Running Lineage 14.1 / Android 7.1. Planning to upgrade to ... moreWhere did you get your Lineage 14? There is no downloadable image on their site and no maintainer for this model.

  • avatarma

yes, the kitkat is the best about battery saving specially in sleep mode

  • applenokia

Anonymous, 08 May 2018Running Lineage 14.1 / Android 7.1. Planning to upgrade to ... moreHow can i install that..
Does it contain any bugs...

  • Anonymous

Running Lineage 14.1 / Android 7.1. Planning to upgrade to Android 8. I've had mine for almost 5 years and see no reason to change. Changed battery once, but on phones with replaceable battery it's a breeze. AptX, IR, all the sensors in the world and image stabilisation.

  • Olivia

i love it its the best phone i had ever :)

  • ComputerExpert69

nice phone but subpar battery

  • AnonD-716026

AnonD-19153, 26 Jun 2013OMG fastest clock speed everrr 2.3Ghz OMGG =Owell...lel

  • zaza

Its good phone... fast n large storage 😅😅😅
I love it

  • alitomic4ds

Need to test it for the first time.