Samsung Impact

Samsung Impact

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  • Anonymous

it is called sgh-b520 in india

  • sagar

i think in India big bazaar is selling it..
i want to know the performance of the battery.. after that i'll decide buying or not

  • harvis

pls bring in to singapore market, i believe those who need without camera who wish to buy this type of phone, so i hope my dream will come thr.

  • ZiggiePoo

Kinda cool looking for budgety phone.

Btw, heard this is Impact S .. not Impact.

  • DV

such a tiny screeeeen.....

  • HardCandy

I really like this phone...It looks cute
and definitely wont hurt my pockets...

  • Anonymous

Well its not really a bad phone. Despite the lacking features. the thing is that if everyone was fully loaded like say the U900 Soul then no one would buy them because they'd cost to much. This is a nice simple low end phone for someone who just talks and needs something to get the job done ya know.

  • VidoDido

Very Good Mobile And Also Mp3 Player
Mp3 Player More Than Mobile
But What The Capacity Of External Memory Card
But No Bluetooth

  • Pep

Why are people always complaining about a low range phone.
This would do well for people who do want to listen to music/radio but dont want anything else on the phone....

And yeah, no bleutooth... who cares? If you have a cardreader (and almost every computer has one) you can put images on it, music, funny sounds.. So who needs bleutooth? I only use it for my headset! I wouldnt miss it that much on my phone!

The specs are quite good if the price will be low. Good work Samsung!

  • Guitarian

Comping soon???, from where is it coming? from the 19 century?... ok, No Problem.
but just let me know who's going to buy this mobile,if any one bought it.

  • gabby

where's they put the bluetooth? such a turnoff ... mmc support but no bluetooth.

  • ...

no bluetooth because is low-range cell!!! it's a phone for those peoples which need phone just for calling and sms...

  • G

It's just one of those phones that if the price is really low it will do very well. Though having a camera is the 'in-thing' at the moment but people still buy camera -less phones. I appriciate the radio and cardslot.

Reminds me of the C300 in design + specification. Wonder why they called it 'impact' though??

  • Vl@dutz

What's with this phone =))))))))))))))) ?

  • Andy J

No Blue-Tooth?! wtf....?