Samsung is expanding Knox to 2024 smart TVs

Yordan, 28 February 2024

Samsung Knox has been part of Samsung devices for the past decade, and now the Korean company has announced the data security framework is expanding to its 2024 TVs.

The platform received Common Criteria (CC) certification for yet another year, which is a global benchmark for assessing the security integrity of IT products. This essentially means that smart-connected TVs will also be protected in the future.

Samsung is expanding Knox to 2024 smart TVs

The CC certification means Samsung Knox will perform well in its three core features. The first one is Tizen OS Monitoring, where the platform actively detects potential hacking threats in real time for the core of Samsung TVs.

The second is Phishing Website Blocking, where Knox will verify web pages are safe to navigate without being a threat to the user data and privacy. The third one essentially guarantees all personal data on the dedicated security processor Knox Vault will remain protected.



Reader comments

Like people will fight to hack its neighbour TVs.

i need to know, how much samsung does pay you to make this type of comment. 🤔🤔 if you don't want chinese phones don't buy it!! simple. enjoy your samsung phone. the reason why they buy chinese phones is affordability. samsung devices usua...

  • Anonymous
  • 29 Feb 2024
  • KiV

Why sould i forget something that never happened in the first place? In fact, huawei was not even near top 1 by units sold in 2019. Samsung was first, Apple on 2nd place. Also, any company that made forbidden contract with forbiden entit...

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