Samsung is kicking off the Galaxy S8 ad campaign in Korea

Victor, 13 March 2017

There is still some waiting to be done for the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship pair. The official announcement is scheduled for March 29 and availability could come as late as April 28. And despite the sea of leaks we already have on the pair, official information is still scarce.

Considering Samsung's schedule, this is quite understandable. However, the Korean giant appears to be breaking away from convention this time around and has already kicked-off its ad campaign on the local market with a 15 second teaser. Naturally, the video doesn't really reveal anything about the eagerly-anticipated flagships, but could do a lot to fuel fan excitement. More importantly, Samsung hopes, it could be a way of getting some attention off the LG G6.

The G6 has been enjoying amazing popularity since its launch in Korea - quickly raking-in over 40,000 pre-orders and 20,000 unit sales on launch day. It appears this celebrity status is starting to get Samsung nervous and some counter-measures have been taken to at least try to mitigate the situation until March 29 comes along.

After that, it is anybody's guess how user fancy will swing, but one thing is for sure - the arrival of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ won't go by unnoticed.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Samsung's marketing is difference compare to competitors.

  • Anonymous

How are they trying to be like a company that they are better than and that actually copies them?

Some phone are ugly in picture but beutiful when hold in the hand, some also look beutiful in picture but ugly in real life