Samsung is preparing a gaming smartphone too

Ro, 24 July 2018

It seems that mobile gaming is becoming a thing now and manufacturers are fast to cash in on the hype. First, there was the Razer Phone, then the Xiaomi Black Shark and finally, Asus came along with arguably the best Android gaming device so far - the ROG Phone.

And now Samsung is tipped to be preparing a gaming smartphone of its own as well. The information isn't accompanied with any solid evidence, but it's coming from a fairly reputable source that has a good track record in the past.

No information is given about the device, so we don't know what specs to expect but if we can guess, Snapdragon 845 chipset should be in charge and some kind of a high refresh rate display for that buttery-smooth gameplay.

Also, the tipster adds that the foldable Samsung smartphone won't be named Galaxy X as thought previously. That might hint that the Galaxy X moniker is actually going to be used for the gaming smartphone, although it wasn't explicitly confirmed.



Reader comments

Man not razer but Samsung is that mediocre company with average quality. Have many razer products and all working like a brand new even after a many years.

  • Anonymous

your comment is confusing. you're referring to razer as overpriced and mediocre right? apple has them beat on the overpriced part for sure. they're not terribly mediocre but they definitely oversell the quality. apple was the first company to bri...

144Hz 1ms QLED from the CHG90 monitor and i will buy this phone

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