Samsung is preparing two more Galaxy A phones

Yordan, 11 July 2019

Samsung introduced at least nine new Galaxy A smartphones this year, with at least three more in the pipeline. Latest reports reveal that one or two Galaxy A50 are also about to arrive, as they were certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

SM-A561F SM-A562N
SM-A561F • SM-A562N

The devices with model numbers SM-A561F and SM-A562N could be the same smartphone with different versions, but could be two entirely different products as well. We already saw the Galaxy A10e and Galaxy A20e arrive as market-specific spin-offs and Samsung could be launching a Galaxy A50e as well.

What is more interesting is these model numbers haven’t been spotted before, so they are not the upcoming Galaxy A90 or Galaxy A60s. We also spotted a phone with a model number SM-A507FN which is kind of different than the ones at the Wi-Fi Alliance, so be prepared for more A-series announcements in the near future.



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No I have seen my mistake it appears there is no code they are following for those series

  • Anonymous

E is for America ? You can get the e designated phones in other places too, I have a 10e in the uk.

Not even. The A20e isn't coming to the Americas.