Samsung is readying a Pokemon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3

Michail, 19 April 2022

Do you have a thing for limited edition phones and are a die-hard Pokemon fan? Well, Samsung will certainly catch your interest with its upcoming Pokemon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3 set to release in South Korea. The new Pokemon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3 is releasing on April 24 and those interested in snagging one can register their interest via the source link below. The limited edition bundle will be sold in limited quantities exclusively via Samsung Korea’s online store. Pricing info is not mentioned.

Samsung is readying a Pokemon Edition Galaxy Z Flip3

Samsung is touting this as the “greatest collaboration ever” and is paying special attention to the packaging. The whole ordeal comes in a large red box which encompasses a smaller Poke ball-themed box for the foldable phone. The image shows a black Galaxy Z Flip3 meaning the phone won’t get a special paint job.

The rest of the box contents include a special Pokemon pouch, a clear case with Pikachu stickers, extra Pokemon stickers, a Pokeball pop socket and a Pikachu key chain.

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Starting making good takes then

  • AnonD-731363
  • 10 May 2022
  • Lfw

Because i can be right and you dont like to agree with me,

I'm simply stating the facts. Seriously, do a second of research on how popular the franchise is, and this is all coming from someone who isn't even a Pokemon fanboy. I think the real comedian is you, still droning on regarding a subject yo...

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