Samsung keeps dominating the smartphone OLED market in Q1 2020

Yordan, 09 April 2020

Samsung Display has been the dominating player in the OLED business and it looks like its reign is nowhere near over. According to the latest public market analysis the Korean manufacturer shipped over 90% of all smartphone OLED panels in Q1, although its market share declined on a yearly basis - back in Q1 2019 Samsung pushed 94.1% of all OLED panels.

Samsung keeps dominating the OLED market in Q1 2020

The report was compiled by market research company Stone Partners and it also contains the raw numbers. Samsung Display was responsible for 61.6 million shipped panels for mobile devices out of a total 68.3 million. Second is EverDisplay Optronics with just 3.3 million panels, which is a 4.9% market share.

A representative from the industry was quoted to say that “numbers of rigid OLED panels, supplied by Chinese makers, are currently insignificant.” Expectations are that Samsung will keep dominating the market even more since more and more midrangers and even entry-level smartphones are getting OLED panels these days.



Reader comments

Crap sensor! Wake up!

What? Samsung is world leader in semiconductors and mobile phone market, they will not fall anytime soon

Samsung dumped oled screen and made qled, which was cheaper, but shit quality. But they still make oled in mobile. If oled is better why no tv's? They fail?

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