Samsung begins mass production of next-gen 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM

Yordan, 25 February 2020

Five months after Samsung started mass production of 12GB LPDDR5 DRAM, it has now begun manufacturing 16GB modules at its factory in Pyeongtaek. The company announced on its website that the new package is built on the second-gen 10nm process and offers 5,500Mb/s data transfer speed.

Samsung 16 GB LPDDR5 DRAM Samsung 16 GB LPDDR5 DRAM Samsung 16 GB LPDDR5 DRAM Samsung 16 GB LPDDR5 DRAM
Samsung 16 GB LPDDR5 DRAM

The platform consists of eight 12-gigabit chips and four 8-gigabit chips, providing “twice the DRAM capacity found in many higher-end laptops and gaming PCs today” to quote Samsung's press release. The reason for the ongoing development of technology and higher capacity is the increasing demand for power, performance, speed, enhanced 5G and AI features like smart photography.

Development date Capacity Mobile DRAM
December 2019 16GB 10nm-class 12Gb LPDDR5, 5500Mb/s
July 2019 12GB 10nm-class 12Gb LPDDR5, 5500Mb/s
June 2019 6GB 10nm-class 12Gb LPDDR5, 5500Mb/s
February 2019 12GB 10nm-class 16Gb LPDDR4X, 4266Mb/s
April 2018 8GB (development) 10nm-class 8Gb LPDDR5, 6400Mb/s

Samsung also announced plans to mass-produce 16 Gb LPDDR5 products built on its third-generation 10nm-class (1z) process technology later this year that would up the data transfer speed to 6,400 Mb/s. That way the Korean giant can “solidify its competitive edge in markets such as premium mobile devices, high-end PCs and automotive applications.”



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  • Anonymous
  • 25 Mar 2021
  • NvT

I know

  • Anonymous
  • 28 Feb 2020
  • fI@

my 512mb ram phone in 10 years

  • Sidy
  • 27 Feb 2020
  • Isa

And I am over here with my 6gb of ram smartphone

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