Samsung launches ridiculously overpriced 50W charger

Vlad, 25 April 2024

If you buy a Samsung high-end smartphone, or even a mid-ranger, there's no charger in the box, but of course the company will happily sell you an overpriced assortment of them if you so desire. And today it's launched the most overpriced of them all - a dual 50W charger, which can either charge one port at 50W or both at the same time at 25W each.

Those specs aren't impressive at all, but they're enough for Samsung phones, none of which goes past 45W wired charging support, and most of which top out at 25W. So the specs are tailor made for Samsung phones, and that's alright, but this charger costs €69.90. That's a lot.

There are many, many better specced chargers available in every online store out there for less money. So the only reason anyone would get this instead of the countless competitors that are faster and cheaper would be for that brand name - it's a Samsung, after all.

Some might even assume that since it's a Samsung it would work better with Samsung phones, but it's using PD/PPS just like every other decent charger out there. So in the end it is just the brand you're paying the premium for. Hopefully the price will come down in time.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 29 Apr 2024
  • KLR

its common samsung slap high price, then give big discount coupon with bundle purchase or include it in promotions most likely people that bought it will spend only like half of the price (35~40euro) like samsung 65W Tri ports Adapter EP-...

You've said the magic long as...

Lucky you, I saw the very opposite with an 80 watt charger ruining a battery in a few months. So yeah...I still tend to charge "slow" instead of "blazing fast" but hey, you're free to do what you want. I'm not here to sa...

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