Samsung launches the Galaxy A80 in India

Prasad, 18 July 2019

Samsung has launched the Galaxy A80 in India. The phone is priced at INR 47,990 ($696) and will only be available in a single memory configuration.

The Galaxy A80 is the flagship in the highest standing member of Samsung's revamped A-series. The main feature of this phone is the rotating triple camera. It sports 48MP regular 8MP ultra-wide angle and a ToF modules. When switched over to selfie mode, the camera module rises and flips forward, so you are shooting yourself with the same high quality camera used for your normal shots.

Samsung launches the Galaxy A80 smartphone in India with 48MP rotating triple camera

The Galaxy A80 will be available for pre-booking from July 22 to July 31. Those who pre-book will get a free one-time screen replacement in case they end up damaging it. Also, there will be a 5% cash back offer for all Citibank customers.

For everybody else, the phone will go on sale starting August 31 across all major retail outlets. It will be available in three colors - Ghost White, Phantom Black, and Angel Gold.


Reader comments

  • Max

In terms of pricing their devices in India, Samsung is following HTC and Sony's path and we all know what happened to them.

  • Peace & Love

Really? I thought they only said mostly about India, then USA, then Europe(major countries) and that's it!

  • Anonymous

well, actually it's not just India, the A80 was also launched in Indonesia on July 17, 2019. (and other South East Asia countries too), but it seems the people in GSMArena didn't give a damn about phone market in Indonesian or SEA countries i...