Samsung looking at record-breaking Q3 2021 earnings

Michail, 08 October 2021

The latest earnings guidance from Samsung is in and the expectations are clear – record-breaking Q3 performance fueled by the semiconductor business. The report specifies revenues in the KRW 72 trillion - 74 trillion range which equates to $60.21 billion - $61.87 billion. Profits are expected to be in the KRW 15.7 trillion – KRW 15.9 trillion range or around $13.12 billion - $13.29 billion.

Q3 2021 Guidance KRW / USD Q3 2020 Results KRW / USD Q2 2021 Results KRW / USD
Sales KRW 72 trillion - 74 trillion / $60.21 billion - $61.87 billion KRW 66.96 trillion / $55.97 billion KRW 63.67 trillion / $53.22 billion
Operating Profit KRW 15.7 trillion – KRW 15.9 trillion / $13.12 billion - $13.29 billion KRW 12.35 trillion / $10.32 billion KRW 12.57 trillion / $10.50 billion

Robust chipset sales and increased semiconductor prices and the usual strong sales of the Galaxy A and M series are expected to be the main revenue drivers. The final earnings report is expected to come out towards the end of this month and will include a breakdown of each division’s performance.



Reader comments

U see. Users dotn matter for trust. Xiaomi is rapidly getting popular in Europe. And the fact that you said only teenagers use others is true since older people are more naive and thereby they only know about Sammy and apple but yea. Tech geeks rarel...

  • John
  • 12 Oct 2021
  • uuf

True, nowadays everyone uses Samsung Galaxy. Once In my family everyone was apple fan but after their phone having bugs, poor battery life and poor performance overtime, my whole family members now switched to Galaxy devices.

  • AlienKiss
  • 11 Oct 2021
  • iDB

I don't know where you live, but I'm from Europe and I don't know a single person to have a different brand than Apple or Samsung. Some had Huawei but they all switched to Samsung after the big scandal. My dad is the only person that...

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