Samsung M2520 Beat Techno

Samsung M2520 Beat Techno

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If you're from the UK you will not, I mean, NOT find this phone being sold on eBay.

I never knew this phone even existed. Well now I do. You learn something new everyday.

  • peoresnada

this is a joke!!!

  • chin

i have my samsung m2520beat for a year an i had to put it away because when i slide it sometimes it goes blank the keys work when they feel like

  • Anonymous

Rass , 01 Mar 2011My battrey dies very fast.meh solider tell i to charge the ... moreOr just buy a new battery. The process you describe is an old process for nickel based batteries, but all new phones have lithium based. Just buy a new battery and this time, charge it before it gets below 20% every time. Lithium's don't do well if you completely drain the battery.

  • carehan

its a very good phone, I got it about a year ago, the plastic are of a good quality, camera, menus, keys, sound, the battery last a lot; all about this phone I like very much. The only thing I dont like is you cant install large aplication or games over 320kb. I recommended for all kind of use. Im here in Guatemala.

  • Rass

My battrey dies very fast.meh solider tell i to charge the battrey halfway take it out the phone put it the battrey and phone in a cool dry place for like a 3 months them after the 3 months take it out put in my sim them use the phonwe as normal until the phone battrey runs dead and cuts offf then charge it full them let it run dead and cut off again and that sets the life if the battrey he calls it "Conditioning" the battrey Now ppl please he is not the only one who told me this,Can anyone tell me does this actually work ?

  • Boogie

Can anyone tell me if the flex strip gives problems and does the slider give any problems?

  • Anonymous

I agree that the phone is a waste and it was very disappointing to buy this and it does not have features as i expected.

  • sam

this phone was a waste of time and money. i like to upload apps and this phone only uses some apps with 300 and under kb. i highly recommend u DON'T BUY THIS CRAP.

  • Alison

is a bad does not serve to customize features bluetooth does not receive because it has no space to rest the cbles and CD or DVD will not work unlike the computer crashes you can not pass other data to cel for lack of space and not recognizes the cell. by god do not buy that cell phone and remember that not themes, or games you will be able to get .. all the music you have to buy half the cel that you accept them if you accept them hehe greetings and remember that this phone is pretty samsumg m2520 just out, has super sound but nothing else is a fraud that cel . greetings and spread the word to not spend their money on these phones

  • erics-SON

this cell really sucks..I've had it for 6 months now and i have to say it's been a horrible experience. the features are definitely not what i expected from this device. as such, recommend this phone to anyone who wants a practical music player and good looking user interface as it fails in both these aspects..have to say though, sound quality is excellent and music player interface (only) is quite good...

  • Deep

Munir Raja, 16 Mar 2010Samsung Beat....... I love it this series. bcoz of sound qu... moreSurely it's DNSE...its much much better than XPRS MUSIC, xtra sucks...!!

  • Munir Raja

Samsung Beat....... I love it this series. bcoz of sound quality in beat is really awesome 10 time better than Nokia X-pres (huh.) series.
hey anybody no what about prize.?

i hope this phone come in india arround. 3500.

  • an

no like it is a bad cel

  • dhywww

this phone was exist because it created as upgrade from F250.f250 is my phone i know what it's created for :)

  • fonecritic

i have this phone. really great. sound is great only problem is i hate that the call buttons are beneath the slider cuz i receive a call and will have to slide up to end call

  • bagas

I love samsung M series...

still waiting when will Samsung release another candybar design for this music phone since M3510 (beat b) is no longer available here in Indonesia..

And there is one thing...I think a better life battery should be added as part of any M series (music phone) as this type will work harder(for playing music continousely)

  • Raj

The cam should have been atleast 2.0 mp.
1.3 is too low.

  • ss

One consider buying this, if it is available for Rs.4000 or less..