Samsung M3510 Beat b

Samsung M3510 Beat b

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  • Shani

Plz tel me about shake control ????

  • Anonymous

Ryo Jin, 14 Dec 2008Samsung GT-M3510 Beat b : Slim & Light Music Phone Key featur... morePhone hangs!

  • Ryo Jin

Samsung GT-M3510 Beat b : Slim & Light Music Phone

Key feature :
- Slim 0.99cm & light 68gr
- Good contrast color casing
- Dedicated music key
- Attractive UI with several animation slide
- 16.7 million colour 2" QVGA screen
- Shake Control for music player
- Accelerometer sensor
- Powerful audio quality & good speaker
- Music Recognition for trackID
- 3D Game & Motion Game
- A2DP Stereo Bluetooth v2.0
- 3.5mm audio jack
- Radio FM with RDS
- Free 1GB MicroSD in retail package(internal 60MB & MicroSD up to 8GB)
- Reasonable price

Main Disadvantage :
- No 3G or HSDPA
- No WiFi
- Mediocre camera quality & no flash

  • Ferrari

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Samsung m3510 beat b

  • max

UNFORTUNATELY, I BOUGHT THIS PHONE YESTERDAY since my SE C702i was felt down from floor 25 (#$%@@%&#$%!)so i need temporary phone until my paycheck to buy that again, and as my thought, shake n control was suck!!!! and the 2nd disappointed thing is the memory for java games ONLY 4 MB!!!!!!!!!! i had to deleted some of demo games....

this is my short opinion about the phone:

Thins that i like from this phone are:
- slim design and nice material of this phone
- display was bright and vivid, nice too
- menu has 3 (actually 2 different layout, the onely change color) nice themes
- animation was fast enough
- the sound was superb and especially if you hear it from stereo headset like Philips or Sony.....
- camera not too good, only 2 Mpix but the image is good enough to print them in paper.
- Mine was black and has gold list and its looked nice and not too eye catching.
- support Java MID 2.0 include Opera Mini v4.2
- Music Player is nice tough..... and it has 3 themes too, i like themes number 3
- CHEAP!!!!!!!

Things that i didn't like from this phone are:
- Memory for Java only 4Mbs
- No flash, no autofocus. no makro, video only 176x144
- shake is suck but better that nothing
- will sell it one week after i buy C 702i again, and the sell price will decrease hall of new price (!@#$!@$#!#$)

  • R.P.

the shake coNtrol sucks

  • what do i type here?

max, 05 Dec 2008this phone is not totally shake control if u have to push the mi... morethink! if the shake control would work just by shaki'n it than the songs would change while you wlak or run...
thats normal to press... and shake... the same as w760

  • rahul

how the shake n play is functioning,any one can explain?

  • max

this phone is not totally shake control if u have to push the middle button!!! this like SE w910, you have to push the button first then hold it while you shake it...... that's the minor that samsung need to repair as their homework......

  • Ryan

To kamran:

My previous phone before using Samsung M3510 is an old SE K508i, so I can't compare the screen quality with any other phones. I would say that if your picture is a high resolution picture, it will appear nice on the screen, since the picture taken using the phone camera is so-so only (even at the highest resolution and quality).

I haven't tried playing any video on the phone, but in my opinion, the screen is quite small, so I wouldn't want to watch video using this phone. The video quality taken using the phone camera is not good though.

  • Info

kamran, 02 Dec 2008To Ryan, hi buddy,can u please tell me about the screen quality... morehey. I've had this phone for a few days now and video playback is pretty much garbage.

Videos are limited to a resoloution of 176x144 and 15 frames per second.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970This phone is inferior than 5310

  • Anonymous

kamran, 02 Dec 2008To Ryan, hi buddy,can u please tell me about the screen quality... moreScreen quality is truly 16M. No doubt about that and very good. Overall a good phone at seasonale cost. Go for it.

  • kamran

To Ryan,
hi buddy,can u please tell me about the screen quality,i mean 16m screen, Is the quality and color PRODUCTION that good,and what about the video playback quality i mean i herd that video played in the video player is not satisfactory is that true? SORRY 4 MY BAD English hope u will understand.

  • Anonymous

Ryan, 30 Nov 2008Just bought this phone two days ago. Overall, I am quite satisfi... moreThanks for the review..

  • Ryan

Just bought this phone two days ago. Overall, I am quite satisfied with it. I heard some people complain about the three music button located at the top of the 4-way navigation button. To me, this is no problem at all. I never accidentally pressed on the 'play' button when I wanted to press on the up button. However, it might be a problem for a person with huge fingers.

I am very satisfied with the sound quality from the phone speaker and while using earphone.

There are several minor things that I dislike.
1. While in the idle menu, if you press the center button of the 4-way navigational button, it will connect to the internet, and this shortcut can neither be change nor disable.
2. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is located on top of the phone. I would prefer it to be at the bottom for convenience purpose when I take out the phone from my pocket.
3. During a call, seems like if you turn the volume too high, a lot of noise appear. Its as if you are listening to a bad recording.
4. The casing of the phone is not slippery, but it is very hard to open the battery cover. I need to press very hard and push out. I am afraid I might bend the phone if I keep doing this. I really wouldn't recommend this phone if you are the type who often switch your phone SIM card or the micro SD card. Although for transferring files to/from the micro SD, there is a cable provided, so you don't need to open the battery cover.
5. The shake control for skipping the song is not user-friendly. You need to press and hold the play button at the middle of the phone while shake the phone left or right. For me, its not very convenient to shake the phone with my thumb pressing the button at that position. It hurts my palm a little, and it seems the phone might fly away from my grasp. I would say don't expect much from the shake control.

  • sandy

nice and cool looking phone

  • khan

good mobile

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2008ya u can upgrade to m3510b but its highly priced,so wait till th... moreIts not highly priced.. Only $160..

  • Anonymous

Asjad, 26 Nov 2008i have a E-200, its speakers arent good either, but i like it 4 ... moreM3510 is a cool phone..