Samsung M3710 Corby Beat looks like a Lindy, quacks like a Lindy

18 January, 2010

Corby, Corby, Corby - Samsung seem to really like the Corby line. Yes, there's another one, still unannounced - the Samsung M3710 Corby Beat. It doesn't look like the Samsung Beat series of phones - in fact, it looks almost exactly like a phone that is not a Corby, despite outwardly appearances.

A quick glance at the photos should be enough to tell that the Samsung M3710 Corby Beat is an almost exact clone of the Samsung M5650 Lindy. Almost - if you look really hard you'll find Waldo. The video call camera is missing, mainly because the Samsung Corby Beat is a 2G-only handset.

Samsung M3710 Corby Beat Samsung M3710 Corby Beat Samsung M3710 Corby Beat Samsung M3710 Corby Beat
Samsung M3710 Corby Beat

The rest of the specs are a carbon copy - 2.8" QVGA capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 3MP camera, 3.5mm audio jack, dedicated music keys and a microSD slot. The Samsung M3710 Corby Beat still runs Samsung's proprietary OS with TouchWiz on top.

It will feature a Game Store however, full of J2ME games. Apparently, the upcoming Bada OS phones will come with the same Game Store preinstalled. already has a preview, despite the unannounced status of the Samsung M3710 Corby Beat. But the reported price is more interesting - the Corby Beat will be available starting February for a price of 300 US dollars (208 euro). Strange (and possibly wrong), because the Samsung Lindy seems to be cheaper than that, despite the advantage of 3G.



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you should by this cell