Samsung M8800 Pixon

Samsung M8800 Pixon

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  • Anonymous

this phone is available very soon on o2 definitely not a concept phone, still it won't be any where near as good as it sounds they never are with samsung, if you want a decent pda look no further than an SE X1, done.

  • soo

Wifi is very very IMPORTANT la~~!!! aiks~~

  • the_H

G** D***ed !!!
WHy tha hell doesn't it have any Wireless lan support?? (not to kill of the Omnia maybe)
Would have been my dream device for real! It has everything but the kitchen sink....and the LAN...and that's what's going to kill it ...
Good try but still: What a shame....

  • yome143

i hope they add to the final specs of this product:
tv tuner
dual sim

  • Sahil

SAMSUNG ha sdisappointed me with no wifi in the phone xenon flash ...looks good ...but not a complete package ...Nokia N96 is better ....if yout looking for touch screen than go for OMNIA or wait for Chrietmas Nokis is coming up with 10 MP touch screen

  • nhissing

without wi/fi this samsung will be left behind by lg kc910 renoir or the htc touch hd how can this compete with others and how can samsung miss this....

  • Adeel Jutt

Although its a marvalous cell phone but what about its color resolution. It would be 16 M colors. As cam is 8MP but resolution is 256K. Thats a drawback.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2008without wifi this thing sucks. the specs are quite great but the... morei will agree with you on that one.

  • Worm

Sean, 30 Sep 2008Whats so special about wi-fi? I dont get it. Cant the phone stil... moreWhat u mean wats so special bout wifi? not everybody is willin 2 go on wit a gprs/3g connection or in places that done have 3g, wifi is the next best thing

  • samsung rocks

the full specifications are not yet released, then why do you people speculate?

  • Anonymous

this phone is gonna kick iphone outta the game - its in testing stages with optus and hutch in aus at mo and will be released in november - check it out at ur nearest allphones :)

  • Sean

Whats so special about wi-fi? I dont get it. Cant the phone still go on internet without it?

  • Anonymous

samsung you rock!

  • 67y89p

this phone is fake it is not real. i know this because i work for samsung. it is only a concept phone.

  • Anonymous

without wifi this thing sucks. the specs are quite great but the lack of wifi is a big problem

  • ron

good looks and nice design. NO WIFI! dissapointing... Gonna stick with my P1i.

  • kevibeni

Hahahahahahahaha...some battery life that is...

  • bilL

i dont beleave no wifi

  • Apple B/S Marketing

No WiFi... No go. Samsung really annoys me with their "almost there" lineup
Omnia: barely OK screen, cheap finish, no stylus cage, poor W/M customization
INNOV8: no touch UI

So my mind is on Touch HD... unless something comes up with a better camera... like Nokia Tube?

  • Hammer

HTC HD better... only that this has more color pallette & higher mega pixels!!! pleaase already have a 6 mp digital camera anyway( dont need 8mp unless u printing it big) wifi with more colors compared with wifi & 65k??? hhmmm yep wifi with 65k color ramge anytime!! this is garbage, HTC im coming lol