Samsung made its own Galaxy Note10 hands-on videos because why not

Vlad, 07 August 2019

We assume you've already gone through our hands-on review of Samsung's newly announced Galaxy Note10 and Note10+. But what if you want to see even more of these two devices, preferably in video form?

Samsung to your rescue then. For some reason the company has decided to publish its own bunch of hands-on videos of the phones, one-upping media outlets left and right. Be advised though that even if they're called hands-on videos, these are more of the promo video variety, with each one focusing on a specific aspect of the new handsets, letting you know them better this way. Also don't expect to hear about anything even remotely controversial, like the removal of the headphone jack, for example.

Samsung made its own Galaxy Note10 hands-on videos because why not

Let's start with design, then, which according to Samsung's wholly unbiased take, is "groundbreaking". The company is calling the screens "virtually bezel-less Cinematic Infinity Displays". Those are a lot of words.

Next up, the S Pen. This is "even smarter" now, but still sleek and slim. The Air Actions get a shoutout of course, because using touchscreens is so 2018. Unless, that is, you want to, umm, take a note. Then that's fine.

The cameras may be identical to those in the S10 and S10+, but because they're in a Note now they're "pro-grade". The software is improved here, though, so maybe that's the "pro" part.

On the same topic, a built-in video editor lets you create "shareworthy" things.

DeX still exists, like Bixby. But unlike Bixby, DeX gets its own "hands-on" video.

The Note10 models integrate with Windows to easily mirror your screen, let you check notifications, as well as see messages and photos.

Who knew the Note10 would be good for gaming too? Well, now you do. It kind of makes sense - sometimes you just need a break from all that productivity.



Reader comments

Appreciated the irony of marketing point outs :)

  • AnonD-819322
  • 09 Aug 2019
  • 3aW

Who actually spends time admiring the back of their phone, fancy designs shouldn't be a thing.

  • Anonymous
  • 09 Aug 2019
  • MwH

These look ugly and outdated. And non-inspired designs. The colourful version is horrendous, looks like cheap, glittery stuff that kids buy from souvenir shops. lol

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