Samsung Metro 360

Samsung Metro 360

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  • The Artist

Metro XL page is not available in this site. Anyways Samsung needs to re launch big screen feature phones with 4G feature. Still lot of people use feature phones and definitely there is market Samsung should capitalize on.

  • Rexxsimba

Just Imagine this phone with 5MP Camera , 256MB RAM , Bluetooth and basic Opera Mini .. It would sell like a Hot Cake ... !!!

  • Anonymous

What is your mobile?
Guru Music 2 (Guru 2 Music SM-B310E)
Metro 313 (Metro Plus SM-B313E)
Metro 350 (Metro 350 SM-B351E)
Metro 351
Metro XL (SM-B355E)

  • Anonymous

I like this phone, Samsung Metro 360 (= Samsung Yucca B360 = SM-B360E). These features:
_ import contact list from computer: 1000 phone numbers, so we don't need enter each phone number of contact on the phone.
_ 2 speakers: internal (front) and external (rear)
_ vibration is strong and external speaker is loud: we will not miss phone when we on motorbike on a busy street
_ thin enough to fit in jeans
_ 2 SIM (mini)
_ bluetooth when we need in some occasion
_ can zoom text in to view SMS message to 150% and 200%
_ view SMS messages in conversation mode

I especially like this model of Samsung.
I don't like Nokia, these things:
_ only 1 speaker: external
_ we must enter each phone number, can't import contact list.
_ ...

  • Shabbir

We have been waiting Samsung Keypad Mobiles for a Long time.

  • Gull

Micky, 15 May 2019My brother purchased samsung metro 350. Good mobile with go... morei need this foneb

  • Anonymous

samsung metro xl SAR value?

  • Micky

My brother purchased samsung metro 350. Good mobile with good sound. Good basic mobile

very good device with amazing features......especially the builtin dictionary is matchless. used it 4 last 4 yrs.........still in need of it......

  • Anonymous

sony, 20 Nov 2015can anyone tell me the Battery Backup of this phone???awesome

  • Aayush dwivedi

this phone is very good in normal use nd this phone has an offline dictionary......

  • swakin

Is it available in market in UAE?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-743646, 10 Mar 2018does it has call recording option?it has recording option..u can record someone that ur talking on the phone

ok, i have no idea what i'm looking at.


the phone has screen rotate. how i can change it

  • AnonD-743646

does it has call recording option?

  • Arshad Ansari

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2017is it availableYes

  • Anonymous

is it available

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2017No810

  • AnonD-693177

I want to this mobile