Samsung offered $1 billion by Microsoft to produce WP devices

15 December, 2013

Nokia Lumia series of smartphones accounts for 90% of the Windows Phone eco-system. The support from the other manufacturers like HTC, Huawei and Samsung in developing WP powered smartphones has been rather poor, which is a cause of concern for Microsoft.

Having already acquired Nokia, Microsoft is now trying to motivate other global manufacturers to develop Windows Phone OS based smartphones. According to a tweet from Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft has offered an annual sum of $1 billion to Samsung if the Koreans start producing Windows Phone devices.

Back in the day Microsoft offered a similar deal to Nokia when they joined forces. As a part of the agreement, Nokia received $250 million every quarter from the Redmond giant as "platform support payments".

Unfortunately, there is no official word at the moment, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

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  • Alex...

Ever heard of auto correct. Please tell me you know how auto correct and spell check work together.

  • Anonymous

Why do you need to spell check when you should know the correct spelling of the word since you probably write for a living?Plus you're is correct you just dont know when to use it.

  • Alex...

You know the first time when you mentioned spell check. I use a galaxy note 3 and I can't help it if koreans don't know how to properly incorporate such "useful" features onto their flagship phones. Now you have yourself a good day and just...

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