Samsung One UI 2.5 will enable gesture navigation for third party launchers

Victor, 19 March 2020

One UI 2.0 has been a major milestone in Samsung’s ongoing UI development. It brought many tweaks to the interface, as well as usability improvements.

It was quickly followed by the minor refresh One UI 2.1 that powers the likes of Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20. Now we are hearing that a more major update is around the corner - One UI 2.5.

Samsung One UI 2.5 will enable gesture navigation for third party launchers

As per the new report, the 2.5 release will extend support for the extensive set of gesture controls to third party launchers. Currently, Samsung offers users impressive freedom of choice to either use a traditional navigation bar, with buttons arranged to their liking, a swipe up scheme, based on the same buttons or a Google-style modern swipe navigation setup. However, those can’t be utilized if you decide to swap your default launcher.

One UI 2.5 navigation settings
One UI 2.5 navigation settings

That’s about as much as we currently know about One UI 2.5. We can probably expect to see the new software overlay some time in autumn. Most-likely alongside the Galaxy Note20. Until then, we will keep you posted on any other info, if and when it becomes available.

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Oh if you didnt use OneHandOperation+ yet you dont know about one handed operation

Besides one ui 2 is extremely optimized for one handed usage.

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