Samsung P500

Samsung P500

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  • isaac onyeka

pls this is my house address 36 abata street orile iganmu lagos nigeria my name is isaac onyekapls bear with me now bcos i need ur goods.

  • isaac

i need ur product so can u send me new examples of this new one if it is one or two.

  • tunde

i want to order for some phone.

  • Matt

...but is just some blag site that sends you about 100 popups when you try and close it.

  • Vict

I've read some specifications about this phone (P-410) in and it does support video capture, java, IRDA, mp3, mms, and has a standby time of 340 hrs, and RAM of 8mb. Why is it that in this review it only has 3mb memory and video capabilities were not stated? also the mp3? And the standby time is lower than the specification released by the above-mentioned site. Which is accurate and telling the truth.

  • Matt Rage

...but the LG isn't being released in the UK right?

  • Anonymous

Yes, you read correctly. The LG U8150 has a 56k EXTERNAL screen and a 256k INTERNAL..... there isn't enough room on this message board for all the other goodies. Check the link below!

  • Sketch

This phone is god awful. Seriously. It doesn't push any boundaries, or bring anything exciting to the mobile scene. You want a great dual colour screen camera phone? Then check out the 256k clamshell by LG.

  • Matt Rage

I read somewhere else that this phone did video capture, but it doesn't mention it here.

Anyone know if it does or not?

  • Polatua

Samsung always too expensive for the first launch, lack of technology ( Java, MMS, OS )...The main competitive was just color screen..not more. Anyway wanna to try a new one.

  • Anonymous

No Java?

  • Mad Phone Man

I hope this camera really has a VGA CCD camera this time and not the bull we had with the so called V200 matrix phone I sent back after 2 days. TFD display is brill though.
Also needs to be able to add words & (kids slang) to the dictionary.
Side keys need to silence the ringer like the old days.
Outer display needs to stay on even after light goes out.

  • Anonymous

Size 90 with the antenna?

  • Oloye

Its a nice handsets and wish like buying it may i know the amount. and maybe you can ship it to me down to Nigeria

  • Sketch

Having the camera in the middle seems like an excellent design trait. Making the camera more protected and the phone more robust.

  • Sketch

Does the outer display have changeable 'wallpapers' and can you use a camera image on the outer screen? Also, it would appear that unlike most Samsung mobiles this one isn't silver. Is that the case? (The image is a little hard to depict what the material and colour is...)

  • osg

P500, formally P410.....Now, when is this phone coming out? Is this phone still under trial? I've been through all possible samsung website there is, I cannot find any information about this new phone. This phone with the built-in camera, is it rotatable as well? The V200 has a knob for you to rotate manually, P500 hasn't and it is built in between the clamshell hinges. Does it rotate with the push of a button? V200 is almost the perfect phone...P500, is this going to be better, or is it just going to build in other features that V200 is lacking and not include them?

  • Nnamdi Irebisi

This shit is really tight. Ya heard keep up tha good work

  • OSG

Whilst waiting for the availability V200 in the market, I discovered the P410. I think this model has a better design than the V200. And by comparing the specification of both phones, the P410 advances the V200 by only a fraction, be interesting to know how the price tag differs.

  • sg

this phone sucks... no bt...battery life sucks...not user friendly.. almost all the same!!!!