Samsung P710

Samsung P710

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  • k
  • kh1d
  • wHr
  • 31 May 2007

my friend has a problem with this phone. she bought it a week ago. It cant connect to any phone through Infrared and PC program cant enable file transfer and Image Editor.

    • v
    • vikitoria
    • MSR
    • 05 Oct 2005

    i really love this phone and have done for a while the only thing is that it doesnt have bluetooth and this really puts me off, can anyone tell me does it have infa red??? please help me!! xox

      • h
      • hithere
      • 4pN
      • 02 Sep 2005

      where do i download ringtones for this phone?! this site only allows p705 or p735 but no p710... i searched all over... where can i get TRANCE or DANCE ringtones for this phone

        • w
        • willie
        • PV2
        • 15 Jul 2005

        good look but lack a lot of features namely:
        bluetooth, speakerphone, mp3.

        text messaging difficult coz it does not save its last settings. it always defaults to t9 mode.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • Ihw
          • 19 Jun 2005

          what is with this phone?

          Yes the design is nice but external screen is basic. The cost of the phone is outrageous!

            • n
            • nadir
            • SiT
            • 02 Jun 2005

            hi I got p510 and when push a button from its right side its lid opens automaticcaly is this function same in this phone

              • p
              • pao
              • RKp
              • 26 May 2005


                • a
                • ash
                • PTU
                • 18 May 2005

                i realli want this phone its hot..can u tell me where i can purchase it from n the price?? thanx xoxox

                  • A
                  • Alyssa
                  • 4c3
                  • 23 Apr 2005

                  I really like this phone, so could you send ,e a price and tell me where i could buy it? Thank You

                    • j
                    • jojo
                    • m2m
                    • 16 Apr 2005

                    hiya, im lookin for a new fone n this is lookin good! this might be the one i want, how much is it? x

                      • a
                      • albogirl
                      • FvP
                      • 11 Apr 2005

                      i really like this phone i want to know the price please send it to me !!!!!!!!!!!!

                        • U
                        • Uyanga
                        • PI7
                        • 01 Apr 2005

                        I'd really like to buy this phone. It seems great! But, dunno how. Please help me.

                          • A
                          • AWOSANMI
                          • mgi
                          • 06 Mar 2005

                          i`ve passion 4 this phone pls hw can i get one either by dhl OR COURIER services tell me the ptice pls

                            • o
                            • okebisi igbagboyemi
                            • jI6
                            • 02 Mar 2005

                            i really like this phone and i want to buy it within 2 weeks so,the seller should send the address of where i am going to buy it to my mail box.(thanks)

                              • e
                              • elmoporfemme
                              • PG}
                              • 23 Feb 2005

                              If you wanna look and feel cool...this is for you. If you wanna look like a young executive...this is for you.

                              It has lots of phonebook memory at the same time you can images for recognition.

                              Video recording and playback, nice pictures whether it be single shot or multishot photos.


                              If you're switching from a nokia phone to samsung...well it ain't really that easy. From the spacebar to the rotation of the video, to the size of text message alphabets, can't receive mms from other brand phones...oh and what i hate most is the battery life. It lasts only a day and a half.Also you cant set the external clock to permanent, it just stays on for mins. so again you have to flip the phone to check the time. No radio, No bluetooth or mp3 player...polytones forever.

                              But if you just need a classy looking phone that has a camera...this is it.

                                • C
                                • Celestine
                                • MZs
                                • 11 Jan 2005

                                Pleasehow do I buy this camera samsung phone?Can you ship it to in Africa?Please,direct me to sellers that can ship to Africa.

                                  • S
                                  • Samuel
                                  • 16 Dec 2004

                                  it's cool and i must say you have reallly done a very good job in the production of the samsungp710, having seen and browsed the effects. i have come to a reasonable conclusion that the phone is good and nice.


                                    • B
                                    • Beny
                                    • 02 Dec 2004

                                    Where do I get online support for this phone? Easy Studio software that came with phone has limited functionality. I use Win XP and can't run file manager!!!!

                                      • k
                                      • kenny
                                      • 22 Nov 2004

                                      it is beautiful and i want to but online

                                        • j
                                        • joseph etse
                                        • 14 Nov 2004

                                        it is very nice,i need one