Samsung P730

Samsung P730

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  • Jab
  • 19 Jun 2022

BP, 26 Apr 2018The best unique Design Samsung Flip phones memorableI want this phone

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    • BP
    • Kxc
    • 26 Apr 2018

    The best unique Design Samsung Flip phones memorable

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      • Anonymous
      • 3ac
      • 21 Nov 2016

      The early version of the Nokia 7370...

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        • Anonymous
        • mDf
        • 01 Feb 2013

        haytham, 01 May 2012i don't know, but i think Galaxy note is better :Pverizon waln

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          • haytham
          • fqh
          • 01 May 2012

          hussein, 01 Mar 2009can i find a program to Arabicize this phone Note that the ... morei don't know, but i think Galaxy note is better :P

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            • hussein
            • mDf
            • 01 Mar 2009

            can i find a program to Arabicize this phone Note that the version of my phone is P735i help me plz

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              • Jolanta
              • n9b
              • 20 Jan 2008

              I have just bought this phone, everything is ok, except one thing - the sub LCD is dark, not swithed on, while the phone is closed. Is it posible to have it lighted all the time - to see the time on the sub LCD when the phone closed? Please help is you know the answer! Thank's:)

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                • Dann
                • w4J
                • 05 Jan 2008

                GReat! I have this phone for a couple of years now,the performance is excellent and really a durable phone compared to my newly bought cp which makes me a lot of trouble.Though it is old,i still prefer to use P730 ,Thanks so much for SAmsung!!!

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                  • xXx
                  • TSV
                  • 03 Dec 2007

                  i brougth it with promotion price,but after few monh finally i know ehy they doing promotion,this phone software have problem so cannot set the mp3,so was no point have a mp3 function..but this still was a good phone for me,becouse it still have mega pixel for camera and the camera you can turn,seems like nokia i already change other phone but i still kept it as mine second phone...

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                    • Alex
                    • ny7
                    • 15 Jan 2007

                    I have a problem.I can t set an mp3 song or i don t know how to do it.Can you help me?
                    thank s

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                      • alpino
                      • np7
                      • 17 Nov 2006

                      and you cant set mp3s as a ringtone unfortunately but it shows the picture which you load from the pc whatever perfectly work but it cant render any mp4 file cuz it plays only the videos which its camera's took but i suggest this phone it is so cute:)

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                        • alper
                        • np7
                        • 17 Nov 2006

                        song name has to be short like 10 letters i cant remember exactly but il will work dont worry

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 4S9
                          • 22 Oct 2006

                          plez plez could som1 tell me how 2 put songs on dis fone

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                            • t3o
                            • nCx
                            • 05 Jun 2006

                            no more then 120e

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                              • keo
                              • PEy
                              • 10 May 2006

                              Can you please tell us which program you download from

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                                • aditza
                                • nDV
                                • 26 Apr 2006

                                i can put mp3 and pictures on the phone....and download pictures from phone to pc with usb cable....but i`ve downloaded the software from the one rom the cd doesn`t download mp3 to phone from pc in file manager you need to select the right folder in phone to you go to the mp3 and click..that`s it!!

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                                  • Ste
                                  • mYH
                                  • 23 Apr 2006

                                  Hello....i want to buy a samsung p730...what do you think?...the phone make the money..or exist other phone`s better quality at this price...? plz tell me~...i heard you can`t set mp3 as a ringtone...and can`t download picts. from`s tru`e?

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                                    • Alex_Iasi
                                    • pke
                                    • 05 Apr 2006

                                    I have the phone for 3 months now; i will start with the bad things about it: you cannot set an mp3 to be your ringtone, no "silent" option if you don't wanna answer, if handsfree is connected and it rings, you cannot reject the call from the HF button. Good points: excellent quality camera once you download photos on pc you see that it's accurate, mp3player better than most phones, really useful 2 sets of batteries. I'm allmost happy with it, i'll give it an 8,5

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                                      • gthoma335
                                      • 42h
                                      • 01 Apr 2006

                                      Hello again, well despite the ringtone limitation, I still love this phone, the camera is really good, actually better than many 1.3 megapixel cameras phones out there like motorola, nokia or sony and It's actually pretty loud as an mp3 player, I never have it full volume, because I want to keep my ears, hehehe. And I really love the whole swivel/flip combo this thing does Does anyone know if samsung is coming out with a newer version of this phone, say something with like a 2MP or 3MP camera, that would be real nice, thanks all.

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                                        • gthoma335
                                        • 42h
                                        • 01 Apr 2006

                                        Hey guys, well I've seen a lot of you asking about uploading mp3's or pics onto the phone from pc, well I've been in long discussions with samsung about it and unfortunately there is no way to do it. Your MMC card is really the only way to transfer pics/mp3's between phone and pc, just get an MMC adapter to work with your pc. As for putting mp3's up as a ringtone, you can't, you can only download polyphonic ringtones (in MIDI file format) from the website using your web provider, that's the only way to customize your type of ringtones. A really good site for doign this is