Samsung P920

Samsung P920

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I could only find this phone being sold in Italy

The hinges are way more durable than on the P910. It's ridiculous.

  • audrey

-where can i buy this mobile phone??

  • danijela

i love this fon:)))

  • hilda

yeah its a real cool phone and best of all it looks great.but the only problem is this the battery life is very poor i do very little talkin and more texting and i charge almost every day but beside this problem this phone is the bomb.

  • Sarah

I have a question about this phone.
I've always wanted this phone since it first came out in South Korea.
But I heard the battery life isn't so great. I mostly do texting and little of talking on the phone and I don't plan on watching TV on this phone what so ever ( I honestly wish it didn't have TV program on it).
So I wanted to know if the battery life can stay longer if I don't use the TV program on it. thanks

  • brad pit

this phone is cool

  • Jin

Does this phone have Korean language???

  • mhalik

Poor battery capacity. Less standby, talk time and also less TV (DVB-H) viewing.

  • Anonymous

how do u use the TV on this phone is it free?

  • Anonymous

P900 and is different..and..
P920 is a 3G phone..

  • Anonymous

so which 1 is better P920 or P900? whats the different between the two?

  • Anonymous

gsmarena make a review on this phone.....

  • ajay

im very impressed with ur hand set but in samsang handset battery will be very less life can u upgrade that problem .and pricing wise its very high.

  • Nobita

Does this cellphone also need an external antenna for TV reception?

  • Rahul

It looks great but the main problem about this phone is that it has a very very poor talk time. samsung you should work on some areas.

  • njam

Cool fone excellent features what else can i say but buy it everything is there u need in a cell phone apart from the fm radio everything else is there.

  • Anonymous

hows the TV work on this phone? is it free?


Looks nice, when i used this phone it seemd to get hot quite fast when watching TV on it, the service has to be available in your area to watch it i think, there will no doubt be a charge also.

  • Anonymous

very poor talk time.