Samsung P960

Samsung P960

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  • Davinci

! queation about the micro SD card:
i want to buy the 4gb micro SD, but those it work on this mobile P960 becose i don't see it by the Specifications?? do some know how much gb this mobile gose!!

  • Davinci

Hi guys monday 09-06-2008 my new P960 mobile comes:) i got for 1 year free tv and internet on this mobile for 20 euros p.m :)
this is the nice prize for this mobile;)

  • Piet

I guess it is a great mobile phone. In Holland KPN is the first company that will provide mobile television. I also have made a website about the Samsung P960

  • Niels

Well, I'm using this phone from now on, recieved it from KPN as a demo-version this afternoon and Mobile TV is that hot!

  • G

Kpn Guy you lied.
Not yet...week of june 9th

  • S. de Kooter

Anik Ghosh, 24 May 2008Will the phone available really? I have doubt about availability... moreThe phone is already available, i work at KPN in the Netherlands, and we sell it there already.

  • Peter

Anik Ghosh, 24 May 2008Will the phone available really? I have doubt about availability... moreWell. Red it will be sold from 5 Jun on in the Netherlands. Th TV Network is already active !!!!!

  • Anik Ghosh

Will the phone available really? I have doubt about availability. B'Cos Later announced model are already available in market. eg Soul U900.

  • zio

videos are limited only to phone memory.i dont know if there is any samsung phone that can save directly to memory card.

hope samsung can fix this...

otherwise ther phone is great!

  • alexis-vodafone

that^s a good phone

  • Jason p

Looks realy stylish and look good to play around with but.. as other samsungs dont have, can this phone change the message tone to a mp3 of your choice ?

  • vonkamakari

OMG 2.6 inches should be a standard for screen sizes!

  • Shafeeqa

What are the message alert tones like, Samsung is awsome, but lately all there message alert tones are the same and boring. That is reason enough for me to go to another manufacturer. Everyone in my house has a samsung. All the tones sounds the same.
Do anyone have this phone? What are the alert tones like?

  • Jer

DVB are digital free to air broacast signals, so you can only watch the TV if your country actually has free to air digital broadcasting. Mine doesn't, so no use there for the tv thing. Good if you are Singapore, Australia, The States, Uk etc. to name a few

  • Anonymous

Out looking very nice.

  • jay

more pictures about this phone

  • Anonymous

only tri band

  • EDT

I like this phone. I'm trying to figure out what my next phone purchase will be and there's so many phones coming out that I cannot decide! But this one definitely makes my list.

  • Anonymous

Same small single speaker for low volume, same scratch prone display, same old paint for lower for easy to chip, no cam flash, etc. etc.
Other than tv it's only bigger the range.

  • five46

This looks WoW!