Samsung patents an 'Armor Frame' for smartphones ahead of new foldable releases

Ro, 19 April 2021

Samsung has filed a patent in South Korea, the USA and in Europe for the name Armor Frame. It's intended for use in for smartphones but other than that, the description doesn't reveal much.

Samsung patents a super-strong frame for smartphones called Armor Frame

Some rumors point to a frame made of either carbon or titanium - materials lighter and stronger than standard aluminum and more importantly, ones that don't lose rigidness over time.

The timing of the Armor Frame patent seems to be in line with Samsung's plans to release its Galaxy Z Flip2 and Galaxy Z Fold3. They would surely benefit from the extra rigidness and lower weight. Then again, patents don't always make it to final products, so don't hold your breath just yet.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Huawei Mate X2.

  • MrDong

True. Sold mine (5G 128GB ver). Extremely dissapointing display, advertised as 240Hz touch sampling and yet acts as it only has 60Hz sampling. Erratic touch accuracy in games especially PUBG and COD Mobile. I even got the display replaced under warra...

  • Anonymous

yeah glad you appreciated the argument. people still complain about it despite wasting their thousand euros on useless ass phones that cannot even match the quality of a cheaper camera.

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